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Contact information: Real Estate Investors Leads/Deals Source System. The Topic and Category are not correct but I found no way to make a better selection or add a category; REAL ESTATE/REAL ESTATE INVESTOR SERVICES/MARKETING/LEAD-DEAL GENERATION. Of Course this post is ONLY MY OPINION... ONLY MY RECOLLECTION OF FACTS. The subject in the report is welcome to respond with their version of what happened.


1) Who; Rehab and the William Allen Corp

2) What - Service Provided/offered; The salespeople; offer leads in your territory(ies), leads of motivated home sellers. Additionally you become the 'Gate Keeper' through which other real estate investors can submit deals they have in that territory and you 'filter them' to make sure that they are real deals and then as the the 'moderator/ gate keeper' you then allow the deal to get posted on the territory specific portion of the Rehab List Web site. So your 'responsibilities' are to review all flip/posts sent by investors and approve/disapprove the post. And you are supposed to invest time and energy locally promoting the Rehab List website.

3) The Pitch - You buy into a partnership in which you are provided all leads exclusively in your territory. 1) As Gate Keeper YOU GET first crack at all of the motivated home seller leads, 2) YOU Get first crack at all of the flip leads.

4) The Price - OK this will be difficult for many of us to admit how badly we were taken but it will help the rest of us learn and be prepared... My deal $400/mo for three months paid all up front 'Set up fees' waved.

5) The Warranty - I was very clear about what I needed in terms of the warranty and my mistake was not insisting on getting the written warranty AND READING IT before I authorized a credit card payment for the $1200. I was told that if once I looked over the paperwork if I didn't like the opportunity, I could contact and they would immediately cancel my membership and refund my money.

I asked specifically about quality of leads and the salesperson said that the leads were from two sources; motivated home sellers and investors who wanted to flip deals. My response was that I didn't need to pay $400/mo to get access to investors who wanted to flip properties. I was not interested in paying to get access to marked up deals. I then asked about ratio/proportion of Motivated home sellers v flip leads and although I do not remember the exact answer this is where we finally agreed that if the I didn't like the performance of the lead system I could cancel and get a refund.

So I bought into the program. Two days later I rcvd the startup package and I immediately read the documents including the warranty which said that the money back and cancellation warranty ONLY APPLIED AFTER THE 90 DAYS AND... only if I had performed certain functions including spending my time money and energy PROMOTING THEIR WEBSITE SYSTEM. So I immediately AND I MEAN IMMEDIATELY... called them and said that 'as we had not lost ANY TIME' I wanted to cancel immediately get my money back and start over with a clearer agreement. I said that what was written was NOT what we agreed to on the phone, it had only been two days, I had not even started yet...

Run around... stall... run around. They refused to return my payment, I contacted Bank of America and submitted a dispute. They said that they could not support my claim based on the written warranty.

The rest of what I learned; Rehab List wanted ME to pay them to be a part of a startup or empty company. I'll never know. Rehab List wanted me to pay them to be a part of their group while I did all of the work; sort leads and promote their business.

In the second part of my talks with the many reps in the Rehab List company (while I was trying to get my refund) I started reading between the lines and what I soon learned was that (it appeared) at that time there were no motivated home sellers and only a few investors with properties available.

Finally MY Opinion;


I have all documents including written letters to William Allen Corp/Rehab List and Bank of America. So if Rehab List wants to dispute my statements...

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  • Da
      4th of Mar, 2008
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    I hate to admit my mistake, but they took me also! The sales people on the phone make promises that the company can and will not live up to. They are a very dishonest bunch, and I will tell anyone who wants to know my story. Email me @

  • Re
      5th of Mar, 2008
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    Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your remarks. Over the past 5 years, has educated and partnered with thousands of real estate investors from all parts of the country. From brand new investors to flat-out pros, we work hard to provide our partners with the tools and knowledge necessary to stay at the leading edge of the wholesaling industry. In fact, we work hard to provide real estate education to any and everyone that comes in contact with our website. Education is the foundation for everything we do.

    It is clear that you did not understand our local partner program. We do not provide leads; we provide a platform that you can plug into to grow your wholesaling business and the education to help you grow it quickly. We are a national network comprised of over 100,000 real estate investors, realtors and lenders who use the website to market, sell and acquire undervalued properties for investment. We do not provide leads from motivated sellers, (although almost all sellers seem to be motivated these days) we hand you the reigns to in an exclusive territory and show you how we, and our other wholesaler partners, leverage the website to close more deals. We are not a start-up and please remember that you are using the site to grow your business, not ours.

    We strive to lead this industry by maintaining the highest in integrity and reputation. We are committed to growing long-term relationships, the likes of which we have built with investors across the nation. Without question, had you contacted us immediately, it is our policy to end our relationship before it starts so we don’t waste your time or ours. Please contact us through so we can discuss how to bring about a better resolution to your complaints.

    The RehabList Team

  • Da
      18th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    James, Your "company" is a scam. I have told everyone that will listen! Why won't you or anyone in your company return phone calls or emails to anyone that has a problem? It is because it is a scam! You do promise leads. You promised me 20 or more solid leads per month. I saw none! Your rebuttal to James even sounds like a scam. I filed a complaint with the BBB and you never resonded to that. Why? It is a scam! I have filed a complaint with the state of Florida, and they are investigating. Guess you don't have to make things right with myself or the other people you have lied and stolen from, but the State of Florida will get you. I welcome your comments, but then you would have to return my phone calls or emails. After all of the messages and emails that have gone unanswered, I will not hold my breath.

  • Bi
      9th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Thank you for telling your story. I have been seriously looking at investing with the rehab bunch for a couple of weeks. It is a great idea, but if they won't hold their end up then I will not do business with them either. I have found that going about scams the way you are doing is the best way. Hit them in the pocketbook and that hurts them more than anything. Thank you again for saving me and countless others for not giving money to the scam. out

  • Ho
      28th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was a gatekeeper for three years, before they trippled my monthly fee and I told them no thank you.

    I had one territory.

    What happened:

    1. we promoted their business and brand at every REI meeting, had tradeshow junk given out, promoting their brand.
    2. No deals appeared, except the ones that we found.
    3. For a while, we got the occasional phone call.

    The problem with their business model is this:
    1. Your market may not have enough wholesalers "putting product on the shelf" as Collins says.
    2. Their pricing is way to expensive for the quantity in markets.
    3. Mike Collins has become the seminar pitchman and now i can't stand all the emails.
    4. I never even look at my rehablist emails anymore.

    Their value: I still put my property out to the mysterious list of investors, just in case there is someone looking that day.

    I wouldn't call them a scam, just bad business with clusmy follow up and a lot of disastisfied customers. In our market, we actually speak negative about them to people considering being the gate keeper. It's a waste of money for the volume in our market.

  • Do
      4th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    My Positive Customer Experience
    I'm a real estate investor who recently moved to Florida. Just last month (05/08) I looked into Mike Collins' Rehablist Partnership Program as a means to quickstart my business here. There was an opening to lock up a county in Florida with a very large metropolitan population, so I precipitated without hesitation to sign up for it.

    Next day, after looking at their license agreement I seen there were certain tasks that needed to be performed on my part to make this partnership a success. As I work alone and already have a lot to do, I then realized it wasn't a good fit for me and immediately contacted their office and asked for a refund which was credited back to my card without any hassles whatsoever.

    Rehablist was very comprehensive in understanding my position, even though I knew that I was totally at fault for not asking for all the necessary information to make a good decision before I signed up. I'd think that the complainer above had a similar reason to cancel; only he waited until he got all the proprietary materials, software, etc. to review before reacting. It was then, of course, too late, but this didn't stop him from trying to get his investment refunded by tarnishing the reputation of someone who is a highly respected 20+ year veteran of the real estate industry. What a shame for this James guy to carry around!

    Don Florida

  • Re
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes - stole my money
    William Alan Corp
    United States

    I bought some cds. Next thing I know I am being charged $97 a month for a subscription. I tried to call, I tried to Mail, I tried to get rid of this charge, the only way I could cancel this unauthorized transaction was to cancel my credit card. This company is out to rob you blind, BEWARE!

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