RegWork / Not able to use either licence keys.

[email protected], Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Contact information:
Phone: 0424185351

I bought an HP Touch Screen computer/pc and purchased regwork for it in March 2011. I used it and it worked. HP had to come and give me a new hard-drive as all these computers had sort of crashed. Since then, in June, RegWork sent me another License Key, but it will not register. I re-bought the product/software just last week and it still wants me to buy it again. I put in the Licence Key, but said it was invalid.
Please have them re-imburse me for twice the product or send me another Licence Key that WORKS>

We, that is, my husband and I, purchased the first RegWork product when we had the e-mail address of [protected], but since then we have changed providers and changed our e-mail addresses. I purchased this product again under my name, which is Phillipa Strudwick at the following address of [protected] or, I forget, whether it was [protected] ...either one, they both are checked. My husband's e-mail was the one mentioned first under the name of james. I usually now use the gmail address. That is the one on which I may be contacted on. Also our phone number would've changed and mine is now [protected].

Please see to this, and Thank You for your time

Phillipa Phyllis Strudwick


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