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Regional Yellow pages / misrepresentation and harrassment

1 110 San Felipe St. NWAlbuquerque, NM, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 505-243-3639

Call received by Kathy Hiatt: Telemarketer said he was "verifying" our information for a Yellow Pages Listing and said we had had an account with them for four years (lie) and this was simply "renewing" our account. I found out the next day we did not have an account with them and called to cancel. He would not speak about canceling, referred me to their "Accounting" Dept. Woman there said the invoice had already been sent, simply write "cancel" on it and send it back. No other invoices or documents have been received. Received a call from Accounting August 16th saying pay bill or they would send it to collections. Steve Hiatt said this is in dispute and we had canceled. Received call from Cameron Sept. 8th threatening to send to collections. Received more calls from Cameron Sept. 9th; he is now harrassing and promised he will continue to call. I called AT&T on Sept. 9th, who did investigation and found out this is a Regional Yellow Pages scam.

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  • Ri
      19th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I got the same call from these bozos on Friday Sept. 18th, 2009. They said bascially the same thing, that I had an account with them. When I shouted down the male marketer they transferred me to a lady. Sounded quite official so I gave her a piece of my displeasure as well. NOTE: I kept on insisting that if I had an account, that I would have a username and login. When I kept asking them to verify this... and this is when they hung-up on me.

  • Sp
      6th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    It is a well known fact that dealing with telemarketing agents can sometimes be one of life's most stressful and stagnating experiences.

     Harassing calls, threats and use of obscene language can pressurize you to the edge and moreover, a collector may embarrass you by contacting your employer or even be pursued to disburse for a debt that is not rightfully yours.

     There are limits on how far telemarketers can go, that is why we provide information on how to put an end to telemarketer calls and more efficiently, how to correspond with them about your account and/or to dispute a collection action and can teach you what are your rights in terms of privacy.

    You can find out more information on our website:

     By informing each other, we protect each other.


  • Va
      30th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Posted on the Spokane, WA BBB website

    REGIONAL YELLOW PAGES ONLINE at 888-815-6244 or 866-785-4236
    Deceiving Businesses into Saying “YES”

    It was brought to BBB’s attention that a questionable Yellow Pages business pitch is targeting our region whereby a rep contacts a business wishing to confirm the company’s cancellation regarding their service listing.

    What’s tricky about this? Based on reports posted online as well as reports to the BBB, what these calls are attempting to do is get businesses recorded as saying “Yes” to their questions so they may turn around and hold it on you that you have instead confirmed or said “Yes” to their offer.Caller ID: 866-785-4236
    Caller: Regional Yellow Pages

  • De
      28th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I'm PISSED!!! I protect my credit standing like I protect my kids! That said I went ahead and paid $622.95 last month to avert any damage to it. Ihad the exact same experience, some woman conned us into saying these F'n collection agencies go after us without any evidence other than a recording "after the fact" saying yes to accepting an invoice? Where is actual evidence of goods received? A signed or verbal acceptace of an actual produce or service? Hell, show me the DAMN AD you said you ran on my business for two years!!! This is NOT over!!


  • Re
      4th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am sorry that you are not happy with I was looking online and found a website that you can have a FREE ebillboard. You can also do advertising on this website. Just go to I was talking to my friend Mike that has a ebillboard and like it. He was telling me that he can go and make his own changes on this ebillboard. He like it because he can see how many people has been looking at this ebillboard. I hope this can help you. Have a good day.

  • Dc
      19th of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    This company calls me 3 to 4 times a day to "verify" my business information. However, when I ask to speak to a supervisor they hang up! The caller id is 219-984-5888 but when you call back it says that the number is out of service! I am referring the complaint everywhere that I can! I am so tired of them calling me!

  • Gu
      16th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Colorado beware!! These pieces of dirt are targeting the businesses in Park & Teller Counties. They do not send a bill and they alter the phone conversations. You are automatically sent to collections. I don't understand how they are allowed to do this to innocent business owners.

  • Cg
      23rd of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    We recieved a call today with a lady named Eva Cruz stating that we have a 158 day past due bill that we need to pay or there will be legal action taken. She said that our secretary authorized the sale. Eva Cruz played a tape back .The 1st question they asked our secretary is if she had the authority to make purchases and our secretary said yes. They then verified our address by asking if it was the correct one to send an invoice to and our secretary verified the address. Our secretary does not have the authority to buy a box of paper without written approval. We have reported this to the FCC and the Texas State Attorney General.
    After trying to verify the companies existence and speak to a manager.I have no doubt that they could never provide proof other than a phone recording of our secretary answering two questions. They are just trying to bully people and scare them by acting like they can make someones credit bad. Contact the FCC. This scam will be gone soon. I think it is the same loosers that use to call all the time and say that my warranty was up. I didnt have a warranty to be up.

  • Ey
      3rd of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    This is still happening. My place of work receives 5-6 calls a day from Yellow Pages asking to verify our account info. This has been happening for the last week! As soon as I start to sound irritated, they hang up. This is harassment!

  • Fi
      7th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I also am very frustrated with these people. Does anyone have any answers to make them stop? My stomach is in knots every time I talk to them and tell them we don't even know who they are and we did NOT authorize this.

  • Cr
      26th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    We have had this same problem. We paid $500 the first time, as well, to protect our credit. They record your voice answering questions, then manipulate it to have you agreeing to take out their ad. They continue to call saying that you did not pay, and they will take you to collections.

  • Su
      6th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Absolutely, it's a scam. Relax, because you should first make sure your business is listed with the National Do Not Call Registry (free) so you don't get sales calls (which waste your time). They don't have a lawsuit, so they are never going to file anywhere for anything, which means your credit is completely unharmed. (The recording is edited and there is no "verbal contract".It is worth your while to file a claim with the FTC and the BBB (you'll get bumped over the NY BBB, which is fine (I'm in CA). Call the collection manger who contacted you back and give them the FTC complaint number. Also fax them a print out of a page or two of this site, the BBB complaint, and the FTC confirmation with your claim number. I'd be cautious about giving them any more info than they have--so just give them the claim number, not the part with your name and address, etc. If they call again, just calmly tell them you will never pay the bill, they are welcome to file suit, but please, again, make note of your complaints with the BBB and give them your FTC complaint number. I have to admit, I've yelled at them--I believe my catholic schooling kicked in and I suggested they might spend eternity in hell, but I'm not advocating you go that route :-) My guess is this is a percentages game--you just need them to accept that you're a dead end so they put you into the unprofitable category and stop bugging you. Notice that no one has even said anything showed up on their credit--scams just prey on your fears. If you are a social media user, make sure you post there as well. As a group, what we want to do is push them way down in the search engines and keep us high, so that no one is ever fooled again. Good luck and remember, don't worry!!

  • Sp
      27th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes
    Regional Yellow pages - Charges we don't owe!
    Spears Towing, Inc.
    United States

    This is the second year in a row this company calls our office asking questions, verify address and fax number. Last year we payed the bill because they played a recording that was us supposedly agreeing to this agreement. This year they played the same recording, but we don't verify anything after last year! The lady on the bill Lisa Johnson, told me I was stupid and hung up on me! She won't even talk to me now, she just hangs up when I call!!! I am going to report this to everyone I can! This has got to stop!

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