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Re Jan 07, 2016
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Regional Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center 4250 NJ-42, Turnersville, NJ 08012 This place needs to be put out of business!!! The staff is cruel, indecent, disrespectful, unethical and non-compassionate. I'm the mother(writing this) for my daughter who had a very bad experience here over the holidays. You hurt my daughter & family, that means I hurt!!! The stress and tears my daughter and her family endured doing this time of having to put the baby down to rest should not of been taken so lightly from your "heartfelt" staf[censored] They were initially told their baby would live and that she had extensive wounds, but not life threatening. They were told she would need an immediate surgery followed by 2-3 more surgeries averaging $2, 500 each. Over 3 days they asked for money every day or they wouldn't continue their care. The 3 day total came to $5000 and the dog only had one surgery thus far. The worst part is this tragedy happened while they were on vacation in Florida and couldn't change their flight home to see their baby. After they landed at midnight on the 3rd day the dog was in the hospital, they drove from the airport to visit their dog at 1:30am on the 3rd day and were told the same story ... "The dogs vitals were good and that barring a cardiac arrest during one of the future surgeries she should be ok". After their visit, the staff wanted to discuss finances. My daughter owed them $1, 000 at this point and she told them she drained her savings and that she was going to have to try and figure something out for any future monies that would be owed. She wasn't able to get approved through care credit and they would not work on the dog unless they were paid money first. At 8am, after having spent that much money ($5, 000)and being told their dog would survive and that it would just be a matter of time, they were told they needed to put her down because" her organs were failing". Two minutes after being put down, they were pulled into a side room and the "finance" girl came in and said "how are we going to get the bill taken care of?". They were asking for another $3, 300 for work they did overnight that was not talked about or approved by my daughter!!! It seemed as though once the funds dried up, the hospital staff's attitude changed from saying the dog would survive to my daughter having to put her down. The whole 3 day ordeal felt like they were more interested in the money than the well being of the dog. Very very sad!

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