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Regent / Harassment

1 OH, United States

When I was 16 years old, I got my first job at a local restaurant. i worked there for a few months and then quit. However during the time I worked I had gotten an account with U.S. Bank. My mother was a co signer since I was a minor. Over the few months I had the account I did face one account of Identify theft which was resolved.

Once I quit I left the account to my mother and she wrote bad checks. I did not know this until nearly four years later. And to my surprise it was Regent that contacted me. At first I was confused because I didn't even know the debt had occurred.

I talked to some representatives and explained that I didn't have income and I would pay as soon as I could. I did not hear from them until I started college. I then set up a payment plan (this was the soonest I had gotten money)

I made my first payment and when my next one was due I was unable to pay due to having surgery and a bleeding problem from surgery. I was unable to continue school. Which meant I was unable to continue paying.
And that is when they got nasty. They began calling 3-4 times a day under different numbers, different agents harassing me.
They don't call it harassment because they are trying to collect on a debt. It is harassment in my opinion and in those of others that I have talked too. Anyway the reason for my complaint is because they are rude and uncooperative. How so you may Ask. Well they refuse to send me documents that I need stating I owe the debt. They refuse to tell me where it came from.
Yet they are harassing me over an account from seven years ago that has been CLOSED for four years.
How do I know this? I called the bank today, and spoke to a woman in charge. And she was able to give me some needed info. I will be looking into this more. However I feel that Regent is out of line with its employees. And once I have what I need I will most likely be counter suing because I have become physically ill over this and the stress is affecting every part of my life.

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