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Reganis Auto Ctr / Horrible company

1 United States
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When we test drove our Dodge Caravan, the vehicle had the spare tire on the passenger side front, also the warning light said that a problem with the motor needed prompt attention. The sales representative said both items would be corrected and we agreed on a final sales price of $2, 500 cash...we agreed to arrange our financing for the deal and the Sales Representative informed us the had just gotten the vehicle in, that they would address the two issues discussed, and take care of them as long as the motor problem did not require a major expense, and "detail" the vehicle.

The following afternoon we spoke with the sales representative, he said they had not gotten everything taken care of yet, but the had checked on the warning light issue and all it was is that a "valve or sensor" needed replacing and they would take care of that time I told the sales rep that we would be out-of-town the following day [Wednesday] but that we would check back with him after work on Thursday. On Wednesday afternoon when we got back in town I contacted Reganis and I talked to the sales representative, he told me that he had made a slight mistake and that the sales price would have to be $4, 000 dollars, not the $2, 500 they ad initially agreed to sell the vehicle for; I advised him that "that isn't going to happen, you can keep the van and have it for supper, and that we would look elsewhere for a vehicle, and if they decided they could hold to the original agreement, he could call back". We went out to supper and when we returned I saw on the Caller I.D. that they had called I returned the call and he said they had agreed to stick with the original deal. By then it was too late at night to try to complete the transaction, so we agreed to get together the following evening after I got off work.

Thursday after I got off work, we went to the banker and closed on our financing, and we delivered the $2, 500 to Reganis, they said they had taken care of everything and were ready to close the deal. We closed the deal and my wife wanted to drive the van home, and I drove our older vehicle home. We did check before we left the lot, and they had taken the spare off the vehicle and put the other wheel on, we also verified that the warning light was off, which we assumed meant that they had taken care of that problem also, as agreed.

On our way home, my wife noticed that the van was handling badly, and stopped in the next town to check the that point we discovered that the reason the van was handling badly was because the right-front [passenger side] tire was worn so badly that the tire was actually worn so badly that the steel belt was completely exposed and rubber was separated. It was by them well after all the businesses we closed so we crippled home the remaining 24 miles home with the bad tire on the vehicle [completely unsafe]. What kind of dealer would put a tire like that on a vehicle they were selling and let the buyers leave their sales lot with no word of caution, or anything?

The following morning we knew we were going to have to drive back to Scottsbluff and purchase new tires, not an expense we ad anticipated nor planned on. However, before we were even able to get out of town, the "check oil" light came on, so we turned around and drove home to put oil in, but when we checked the dip stick we found there was no problem with the oil level...we ended up taking the van to a local repair shop to find out what the problem was and found out that the "oil sending unit" was faulting and required replacement...nearly $50 for parts and labor...another expense we had not planned on. Now we wonder did Reganis take care of the problem that the warning light had identified when we test-drove the van, or did they just reset the computer so it would not show a problem at the time we closed the deal? What kind of dealer would pull that on their customer?

You can draw your own conclusion on whether you want to do business with Reganis...we have found out since, in visiting with a friend, that we were not the first to have a similar problem with Reganis, he also had them try to pull the "need an additional $1, 500 do close the deal" ploy.


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