RegalRegal Poms Canada, Regal Palace, Tabatha Baston, 1383 Cordick St. Oshawa Ontario, Canadapomeranian puppy mill

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Tabatha Baston closed her FB page and her website hoping she can still run her mill on her private FB page " Tabatha Baston, Regal Poms". She also calls her mill "Regal Palace". People please be very careful. This is a dangerous puppy mill breeder who brings very bad merle quality dogs to Canada and breeds them . Police was already notified few times about conditions she keeps those dogs in. She tells everyone that she has only 5 Pomeranians, and this is what she shows on her pages, but the truth is that she has about 20 hidden dogs in a basement. Those dogs NEVER see daylight. I have been her neighbor for years, and I just cant be silent anymore. My next step is to call animal control and hopeful they can give those poor animals freedom.

Jun 05, 2018
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  • Me
      Nov 10, 2018

    I would like to place a complaint on the person who posted this complaint about Tabatha. You should be ashamed of yourself. Tabitha closed her Facebook page because she was being bullied by people like you.
    In regards of the next sentence this is not a very dangerous puppy breeder she does not bring her breeds from the states she does not have bad quality merle dogs I purchased one from her called Sir Kingsley blue and he is beautiful police were notified because she was being bullied from people like you she does not hold any puppies in the basement that is her home.
    For you to say she has 20 other puppies in her basement that is a false accusation and you need to be arrested you are the one being the bully for Tabatha. Her dogs are lovable and smart. So you need to delete your false accusations.

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