Refinance Mortgage / apprasial fees

1 Baltimore, MD, United States

I recently submitted paperwork to have my mortgage refinaced with my mortgage company for a lower rate. After providing proper paperwork, I also told the Wells Fargo that I do have a second mortgage. My loan representative told me that I do qualify with a second mortgage. I was also told that I would have to pay an apprasial fee out of my pocket. I juggled my bills around to me that requirement, which I didn't actually have. But, I was assured that I would be going to settlement soon. However, I repeatedly contacted my loan advisor because time was going by. My process started around the middle/end of May. Still no definite answer. Then around the middle of July I contacted my counselor & I was told that I was not have a program to offer me. I was very upset dut to the fact I was out of $450 that has caused be to be in the rears of my utility bills. I have discused this matter with my counselor but, she never mentioned about refunede my fees. If I was honestly told that the program would not have benefited me then I would not have paid out of my pocket. I am very disappointed the way Wells Fargo Mortgage handled my situation. My credit is good and my utilities are getting paid but, late. It's had catching up on late bills. The modification program is not fair to the people that pays their mortgage on time. I am still puzzled to why I was not a perfect canidate. My first mortgage is still with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. I am hoping to find a program that benefits me. I am very unhappy with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.


Lenora Hearn-Mooney

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