ReelHD / Account is being charged again even though cancellation was made last 24 feb

Kuala Lumpur, MY

My last cancellation approval reference:

Dear Rose,

Your Premium membership has been cancelled. Thank you for using ReelHD Premium. You will not be charged any additional ReelHD membership fees.

As requested, we have disabled your account information from our database.

Account Summary:
Username: [protected]
Membership Type: Premium 1 Month Membership After Trial
Signup Date: Feb. 19, 2017
Cancellation Date: Feb. 24, 2017
Status: Account Removed
In addition, we have refunded the following transactions:
Refund Issued: $39.95
Refund Date: February 24, 2017
Card Type: Visa
Bank Reference #: 6274c1dd-6e7b-447b-8973-1035b0d802f4

But, i was being charged for the same this month. Please totally remove my details from REEL HD and arrange for refund to my Malaysia credit card.

29-Mar-2017 27-Mar-2017 REELHD.COM/S 1-877-7996840GB 180.21

Apr 01, 2017

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