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Red Sea World / unprofessional staff, horrible service

1 Egypt

a package with perishable contents was sent to our company and arrived 5/6/08 around 12 A.M, so, when the business day started, i FAXED and MAILED the DHL office (TWICE) providing them with all the necessary information and papers to clear the package, i called at least three times and each time the lady over there told me she didn't recieve anything.
friday is the week-end in egypt and we start our business week again on saturday, so i tracked the package at the DHL website first thing on saturday and there still was delay. i called and the lady told me, she needs the required papers, when i told her i already sent them, she said: "ah, here they are!! ok, we'll work on it", i asked specifically to keep the package in the fridge for it could be perished, she simple replied: "well, we don't have coolers". so, in an act of desperation, i asked her to speed up the process of clearance... no more delay.
later on that day, i called again, no progress whatsoever. then again on sunday, MORNING, AFTERNOON AND EVENING!!!
then finally, i called on monday and i was informed that the clearance will be done later that day and we should receive our package around 3 PM, again, we didn't receive the package, so, AGAIN, i called to find out that mr. lazy was willing to deliver it the following day which is more convenient to his schedule!!!
i called asking for someone who's supposed to be more responsible, the first impression was that i called the wrong number and this is a party of some kind!! the laughter, the words i heard!! the person talking to me was unprofessional by all means, i had to shout at him: " control your staff and the laughter in the background so that we could talk about this matter"
he said just a second, he didn't put me on hold, so i heard him laughing with them for a while as if he was taking a break and then came back saying:" well, it's either tomorrow or you can come pick it up!!", i insisted that at least one of his agents had to be free, he said yes but after 5, we finish work at 5, we had to wait till 15 minutes to 7 PM for his highness and he never showed up
finally, he honoured us on tuesday by delivering the package under pretext that they were waiting for us to pick up the package form their office!!!
what kind of lousy service is that??????????????
who would have handled this package if it was perished??????
we really need some actions to be taken...


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