Red Roof Inns/Six Flags Atlanta Georgia/ November 30th 2018the condition of the inn

The Red Roof Inn Six Flags in Atlanta Georgia has boarded up windows, debris everywhere outside including discarded mattresses and broken furniture . We honestly thought it was closed and we should be at a different one- one that had been built in its place. When we saw someone come out. we went inside to inquire. To our amazement we were in the right place. The inside smells foul ( some perfume spray to mask odors) and it is dark and gloomy. Asked to see our room which was the worst. One bed in a two bedroom room so half of the room was literally bare. There were two pieces of furniture, a bureau and a piece which would have held a refrigerator if one had been there. The furniture was peeling its top layer. The linoleum on floor cracked and dirty. There were no chairs or table. Would/could not stay. Got this awful feeling that it wasn't safe to be there . Just wanted to leave. Think the desk knew this was no place for us. We always encourage dog friends to use Red Roofs, always happy but not this time. Wonder what kind of quality control you have. Someone in your organization needs to see this place. I think you would be embarrassed to have this one in your chain. It is in your Red Roof book which lists all the wonderful amenities one gets at your Inns. Trust me- not this one. This is not so much a complaint as providing your company with much needed info. I have never been afraid to book at your Red Roof Inns based on what we always received in the past. Now I am slightly more leery as this was a real shock when we pulled up to this one. Thank you your time.
Deborah Stewart [protected]@xplornet .ca

Dec 03, 2018

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