Red McComs Hyundia 4800 NW410 San Antonio TX 78229 / Salesmanship/vehicle

We recently bought a new car 2016 Hyundia VeloctorWhen he asked us what would it take for us to buy a car from him 11/17/2016 from Red McCombs Hyundai 4800 NW 410, San Antonio, Texas 78229
We were hit with the bait and switch. We specifically asked for a car with heated seats due to my wife's back surgery. The salesman assured us the cars he was showing us were complete loaded with what we wanted. Of course after showing us the most expensive ones then told him it was out of price range were told not to worry he would get us in the price range we wanted with all his smoke and BS we settle for a car that we had asked in the beginning in our price range but he left out the fact no heated seats and no turbo. After the excitement wore off the next day we found out it was missing some equipment went back got it with no problem the following day we found out it had no heated seats called the salesperson and we were told by a different sales person, this the same person we have bought several cars from so we trusted what she told us. She told us we needed to make a car payment which wasn't due till the end of next month (Dec 31) but if we did they would do a switch out with just a slight adjustment...turn out to be $4, 000.00 more. Since we had bought three cars from this dealer we trusted them. Found out from a different dealership that they asked us to make the payment early so the contract would be finalized if we wouldn't have made the early payment we would have been able to cancelled the whole deal. I have posted a negative comment on yelp and will be continuing to do so every month till the car gets paid off. So other people wont get ripped off like us and to Be super careful when dealing with this dealership they have some unscrupulous salesmen men and women we will never buy an other car from them or recommend them to anyone.

Nov 24, 2016

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