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On November 6th my mother and I ate at Red Lobster in Niles. We both ordered the unlimited shrimp dinners. Our greeting, salads and biscuits were wonderful, as they always are. They were packed for lunch and we waited a very long while for our food. We were were patient with that, however, we understood that they were short staffed for some reason due to the fact that we heard the hostess/manager on several occasions ask servers if they were willing to stay over their scheduled time. There seemed to be no shame in allowing customers to be aware that things were not running smoothly.

We both ordered the fried shrimp dinner. When our meals came to the table our shrimp was soggy and left little to be desired. As we were aloud, we order more of the same type. When it came it was just the same. Again, as we were aloud, we ordered a different kind of shrimp and it was somewhat better because it was not battered. The reason we went there for dinner was that we both wanted the fried shrimp so we were very disappointed. We budget our money, as everyone else does, and we do not treat our selves to expensive meals very often so this dinning out experience for us was not a happy one. We are not "those people that complain about everything" (we know those people DO EXIST) and we sat at the table when we ordered our last shrimp discussing whether or not we even wanted to mention how dissatisfied we were. I am a professional in retail myself and I made the decision that I would want this communicated to me. I asked our waiter to cancel our last ordering of the shrimp and to please send the manager over. She gladly did just that. The manager ending up bringing our last order of shrimp to the table and was very willing to discuss this matter with us. I started by telling here that we were not out to get a free meal but that we did want to explain our opinions. She explained that they were so busy and that the chef was making shrimp so quickly and piling it in containers (which was the reason for it being soggy). She apologized repeatedly. We explained to her that our waitress was wonderful and that we felt bad for her having to apologize to all of the angry customers all day because the shrimp was not being cooked to the usual "perfection" that Red Lobster has the reputation for preparing. She thanked us for our opinions and kindly excused herself from our table without ANY offer of a discount or gift card mentioned. We were sadly disappointed. Red Lobster #0366, Table 1, check # 68870, server was Victoria M., 16:10:12 Thanks for listening. Melissa Allen

Nov 16, 2016
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  • Po
      Nov 17, 2016

    It sounds like they apologized for your poor experience which is absolutely what they needed to do. They are in no way obligated to provide you with a discount or a gift card and it is ridiculous that you are "sadly disappointed" in this. Clearly you were not JUST interested in having your opinions heard, but wanted something more than that. If you felt like you should have received something else, you could have been direct and asked the manager for some sort of compensation.

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  • Mi
      Nov 23, 2016

    First off, the word is "allowed" (not aloud). Second, you prefaced your conversation with the manager by saying you were not looking free food but just wanted to voice your opinion. The manager stood there while you did so, apologized and left the table. Yet, you then expressed disbelief you were not given free food!!! What a silly complaint!

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