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This dealership is too happy to take advantage of an environment where they have no competition. ( no other Toyota dealers ). They are sleezy and cruel.
My wife and I did tons of research to find which vehicle would be most reliable while meeting the needs of our family. After we decided on a Toyota we went into the local dealership to purchase it. We did all price research beforehand so this should have been an easy sale.
We gave Red Deer Toyota a $500.00 deposit, which they explained was refundable, and ordered our new car. We were told to expect a call confirming the deal as well as vehicle arival time within 24 hours. THREE DAYS LATER the dealership called us to confirm that the deal would go through, ( funny it took so long as we were paying cash ) however they could not tell us when the car would come in and we should wait for them to phone us within next 24 hours. FOUR DAYS LATER we decided to call them to see when the car would be in and they told us it would take 3 to 5 weeks give or take a week or two. Obviously this was unacceptable.
In response we decided to search dealerships in Calgary and Edmonton to see if we could find a car to do a dealer transfer, or buy from other dealership if transfer not possible. Found one in less then ten minutes.
I then called Red Deer Toyota to discuss our options of either doing a dealer transfer or getting our deposit back. At the mention of requesting a refund the service manager Neil Mcleod told me that there was no way I could get my deposit back. He then proceeded to tell me that since I live in Red Deer I would want to do my services there, and if I choose to buy my car elsewere and go to Red Deer Toyota for my service work I would receive bad service. Strong arm sales are unethical and do not work with us. This ended any possibility of me buying through them, and I told him so. Despite informing Neil that the deal was now over he continued to argue loudly that I should buy with them, and was even able to, all of a sudden, gaurentee me my car within two days instead of the 3 to 5 weeks they had told me. This also seemed crooked to me. If they could produce the vehicle so quickly why was it OK for them to have us wait over a month before. I guess customers don't matter to them much untill the sale is threatened.
Anyway we told them no and went to Calgary and bought the car we found the same day.
In Calgary we also found out that Red Deer Toyota had added hidden costs in their purchase price.
We have since had numerous dealings with management at Red Deer Toyota to try and get our deposit back. This always ends with them rudly telling us no. Finally we demanded they at least provide copies of the paperwork they had us sign when they took our deposit. No suprise, they won't give us this either.
In the end we contacted Visa who have kindly refunded us the $500.00.
When you buy a vehicle it turns out you need to research the dealerships as much as you do the vehicle!! Stay away from Red Deer Toyota!!

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  • Ga
      23rd of Jan, 2013

    Good post. Nice to hear that Visa refunded the money. I'm minivan shopping and was actually considering going to look at a Sienna they had. Glad I didn't.

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  • Be
      25th of Mar, 2013

    I have been a customer of Red Deer Toyota Scion for 16 years and have bought 7 vehicles from this dealer ship. The first five were from Russ Joseph and the last two were from Neil Mcleod. I find what you are saying very hard to believe as my experiences with this dealership have been nothing but courteous and professional. I actually had to back out of a deal once and my deposit was refunded without question. They said because they did not incur any costs that I could get this back. Which makes me think that your not telling the whole story. The dealership obviously incurd cost that needed to be recouped.
    I would deal with Mr. Mcleod any day of the week and will continue to bring all my business to this dealership.
    Its a damn shame that people like you are permitted to make comments on the Internet. Ive always lived by the golden rule "If you don't have nothing nice to say then don't say nothing at all!!!"

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