Red Barn - Knuckle Bone / Health Risk to Dogs

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Our beloved golden retriever died last week quite unexpectedly. An autopsy showed bone pieces lodged in her intestine. To make a long story short, we'd recently bought her a couple of large knuckle bones filled with peanut butter (made by Red Barn and sold by Petco). Apparently the bones are boiled during the manufacturing process to kill bacteria - but in doing so, the bones are more likely to splinter. We've contacated Red Barn's CEO to request this product be pulled from the shelves and to examine an alternate process that would make this safer for pets. So far, no commitment to make any changes. We simply want other pet owners to avoid the heartache we've been going through this past week. Take this product away from your pet - and request it be pulled from your local pet store shelves. Your pet is too valuable to risk.


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