Recruiter4jobs / fake call and ask money for recruit job

call received from the no [protected] and received mail from selvakumar asking money 2500/- for to recruit job for you & on line mobile they ask to do fill some details on computer in his contact details & need to pay by credit card or debit card and I pay 2500/- by my credit card. once the payment success sending ref. no to me by message as 14232 and then he contact me & told me I will contact you tomorrow with recruiter details like. then tomorrow some other lady call me ask me 5000/- for to create increment id and you have selected mnc company so you come on line like for the same process she wants to do for 5000/- need to receive by my card. then I came to know this is fraud people. so, please careful in this person called anybody. don't pay money to recruiter4job using & asking money.

Dec 25, 2015

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