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Vernon Appoo. States on many web pages he is a lawyer. HE IS A LIAR!!! My wife and I paid him over $3, 000 to defend a case and He has not answered our phone calls, and just ignores us. We are taking him to court!!! We have hired a Private Investigator to watch him and see who else he swindles. Please Post on here IF ANYONE HIRES HIM OR GETS SCREWED FROM HIM!!!


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      Apr 28, 2013

    To anyone reading this complaint about me, , the name of the poster is Joseph Zagarella Jr.

    He is obviously NOT very computer literate since a simple review of the poster's username, VERNONAPPOO69 would clear show that the SAME user posted 2 complaints about me in addition to 1 positive review for his own business, Lets Make a Deal Auto Sales, Inc - Dracut, MA. ALL on the same day !.

    These false complaints are in retaliation for a recent native review I posted about his business, Lets Make a Deal Auto Sales in Dracut MA. - POSTED BELOW..

    I am the REAL Vernon Appoo and I received an alert via Google Alert's that there was a new link with my name on it.
    FYI, I DID NOT POST THE COMMENT ABOVE stating that I have been buying cars for 3 years. It just goes to show HOW LOW these use car salesmen will go to cover their as**es.

    As a matter of fact here is how Joseph Zagarella Jr and I met. I purchased a 1999 Nissan Maxima from his around July 2012 since I saw his ad (under owner) on Craigslist. His ad stated that the engine had 100k miles and the original miles were 220k. I went over to buy it (only to find out it was a dealership). Joseph Zagarella Jr then provided me with a receipt to "prove" that the engine was in fact swapped for one with just 100k miles.

    When I got home, I tried to contact the business on the receipt, only to find out that the receipt for a fake, doctored up by Joseph Zagarella Jr. NOW I am stuck with a vehicle with 220k original miles. I then called Joseph Zagarella Jr on his cell phone978-421-4000 & [protected] to explain the situation. Joseph Zagarella Jr told me to go "[censored] myself. Since then I have been trying to get a partial refund.

    A few weeks later, Joseph Zagarella Jr told me that the partial refund was mailed to me ($200) and I would get it the next week.
    The following week, Joseph Zagarella Jr told me that the refund was NEVER sent, he just needs more time. Yesterday, November 9th 2012, Joseph Zagarella Jr sent me a text stating that the $200 refund was dropped off at a mailbox and I should have it on Monday 12th 2012.

    Joseph Zagarella Jr and the rest of his "team" at Lets Make a Deal Auto Sales, Inc ARE NOT to be trusted. They guys are pathological liars and have been involved in all types of trouble with the law since 2007.

    In February 2007, Joseph Zagarella Jr's Dealer Plate was confiscated for misuse by State Police Officer John Hanna .

    In February 2007, Joseph Zagarella Jrs PREVIOUS Dealership was SHUT DOWN by the Wakefield local town hall for a slew of complaints.

    According to Lawyers Weekly, Joseph Zagarella Jr was arrested for possession of and illegal drug.
    Commonwealth v. Zagarella (Lawyers Weekly No. [protected] pages) (search of car trunk;; sufficient proof of guilt beyond drug certificate) (No. 08-P-1779) (April 26, 2010).
    In February 2007, Joseph Zagarella Jr was cited by the Lawrence Police for illegal dumping. He then tried to lie his way out of it while in custody.

    In December 2011, Joseph Zagarella Jr was charged with breaking & entering in the nighttime for felony; malicious destruction of property over $250; intimidation of a witness; and assault & battery.

    Recently their NEW scam is to buy HIGH mileage vehicles (over 200k original miles) and claim that the engine was rebuilt (See pics), they then provide the customer with a FAKE receipt to show that the engine was replaced with one with lower miles. In the past 4 months, Joseph Zagarella Jr has sold over 5 cars with engines that were "rebuilt" by his "uncle" (See pics)

    The matter has been to the Local Dracut town Hall and notified Dennis E. Piendak, Samantha Carver, Kevin M. Richardson (Chief of Police) for an investigation.

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