Recontracting Orderlate delivery of the phone product despite of several calls to customer care about the urgency of it delivered

I am michael cruzada and I have been with you for a long time already. I like globe howerver recently, after processing my recontracting, reps in care cant tell me an accurate date of the shipment. This order will be shipped in cdo ayala globe store no longer than nov 22, 2018. I requested for this to be expedited but non the less I waited. I called loyalty last nov. 21, 2018 and they told me I can pick up the device no by 11:00am the day after. I went to the globe store nov. 22, 2018 - waited for an hout because their numbering system is faulty - all to inform me that no phone was delivered yet. So where's the phone I ordered? Isnt it that somebody needs to tell me where that phone is and update me when will I truely receive it?

A supervisor even promised to call me but failed to do so. Missed commitment as it is.

Nov 22, 2018

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