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  • Na
      31st of Jan, 2011

    I ran into as similar situation. I signed up for the inital "sample". It wasn't until the second box arrived where they charged me $89.00. With the box came a notice which included the "fine print" stating that once the "sample was sent" you've agreed to (but didn't know till way afterwards) each subsequent shipment was $89.00. I had four boxes before I could get them "to stop" charging the account. I sent a "letter" stated I didn't want the product other than to sample it. I also stated the "conditions of the order" (their terms) didn't show up till a month later. They could do this far better. They just want people to sign up and force them into a subscriptions thinking most people won't object nor do the work to get all of their product back to them. It's far more complicated. I never opened the box once I figured out its so expensive.
    Buyer Beware IF it says "Free Sample".
    John In NJ.

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