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I had given a content to be published in Times of India Sunday version 10th October 2015 to [protected], REBEL GROUP Address : 206, Odeon PLAZA-2 Plot No 13, Sector- 10 DWARKA . We had asked them to publish the content in Grooms section but due to error from his end the matter was published under Bride section. Needless to say how much mental trouble this has caused at our end. We are receiving proposals from Grooms because of your error. Instead of accepting their mistake, they are blaming us for the error and are also refusing to return the money or publish the correct content in the coming Sunday timesofIndia version. This is highly unprofessional behavior and no less than a fraud. I want to make people aware who might be going to them in future for publishing their content in newspapers, that they are FRAUD people and eventually will also stop receiving your calls.

Oct 13, 2015
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  • Jp
      15th of Oct, 2015

    Dear mr rachit
    This is not called fraud. Your advt was published but unfortunately it got carried in the wrong column and you too are aware of it.
    As the company policy you were offered to get 3 more advts on consecutive sundays at an additional cost of rs 3550/- that means by taking payment of 1 advt we were offering you 2 free advts to which you initially approved telephonically. To our surprise again after that you started negotiating on free advts we then offered you 3 advt at a very reasonable cost of 2750/- and once again you started negotiating .
    Finally on your request a cost of rs 2000/- was fixed for advt to appear on 3 sundays where advt cost per sunday is rs 3700/-, a mail was sent to you on your em id carajeev.[protected] .
    We were again surprised to find out that even after amicable settlement of issue you were defaming our company on google and internet community.
    This seems a very childlike and immature behaviour. You are once more amicably requested to remove your reviews immediately . The matter will be resolved amicably and we will see what best can be done about your advt.
    jp shahani

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  • Ra
      15th of Oct, 2015

    Dear Mr Sahani,
    This is a FRAUD in every sense. You had stopped receiving my father's call and even started threatening him. If the Advertisement got carried in the wrong column who is responsible for this ????? Is it because of my error or your company error. I have had lot of problems because of your error and receiving calls from people I never intended to receive. At least, now you are agreeing that there was error from your end.

    I have lost 3550 INR to you and as per your company policy are you advising me to throw another 3550 INR to you ? Do you consider me that foolish. This is not a childish and immature behavior but a very genuine case how you are committing a fraud at your company. I want to make each and every BUYER aware coming to you that how you treat your customers after receiving their hard earned money.

    My father had never agreed to give you any more money, no sane person would give you more money after receiving such treatment from you. You are make all false allegations against me.The legal system in India is very weak to prosecute people like you, other I would have gone to the court.

    I will leave it to the buyers to decide now after reading my case that if this is a FRAUD or not !!!
    Rebel Advertising & Sales Promoters : Address: 206, Odeon Plaza, P No-13, Commercial Cplx, Dwarka, Delhi - 110075
    [protected] and loose their hard earned money !!! BUYERS BEWARE

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