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When a Judge at a tribunal compliments the staff who walked out on Jack (Darrell) Henry, and his telephone scam company Re-band UK, you know its time to plan your exit if still working for him. Grab a computer on your way out it may be the closest thing you get to cash. Don't fall for that Barclay card money is due scam, even if he did get it there is no where near enough to pay off his debts, fines and court orders. So the staff will go without again. There was an obvious pattern established at a recent Employment Tribunal: You get a few weeks money if lucky and then none unless you are bringing in big sales, but what can be guaranteed is you will see none of the commission from the backed. If you are currently employed I strongly recommend you complete an ET1 form this instant, and under no circumstances allow the wages you are owed gross to exceed £3, 200, as this is the max you will ever get back via the legal systems in this country.
Here are some numbers you may find useful:-
HMRC:- No NI and Paye Payments [protected]
Companies House Banned Directors The Hotline Number is [protected]
Insolvency Live [protected]
ACAS: [protected]
Employment Tribunal:- [protected]

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      11th of Apr, 2012

    I feel compelled to point out a few errors in the report above. I was at the tribunal my self as an ex employee. The amount the Government will pay each employee is now £3440 max, that is based upon a figure of £430 per week for up to 8 weeks. This payment is only triggered when the company is wound up or deemed insolvent, and the administrator is unable to locate sufficient funds to pay the priority creditors, is this case those who won the tribunal case against Reband (UK) Ltd. The timescale for this can vary, but once the decision to pay priority creditors owed wages, the payment is received in full within 3 weeks.
    Taking a computer as you leave the building, although I can understand why you would feel justified in doing this, it is deemed as not only theft but could result in the company taking legal action against you, on the grounds of loss of income due to the inability to process claims. So be aware.
    As for employees registering an ET1 form whilst employed, this is a perfectly legitimate way to not only ensure you are not dismissed unfairly, ensure you are listed as a priority creditor of the company and may result in you been paid in full. The key point to doing this is should the company fold you are legally entitled to attend the creditors meeting where you can ask questions like, "so where did the Barclay Card money go", "Who owns the current data base of clients", "who owns the copyright to the re-banding software", etc.
    For those staff who have already completed an ET1 form or have bee given favorable judgment, the next-step is to get a blank RP1 form from the website.
    I wish to stay impartial on this and feel that the above information is driven by other issues, rather than the facts.

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  • Pr
      22nd of Apr, 2012

    Excellent advice thanks. It it true he is now trading as "household-claims" now.

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      24th of Apr, 2012

    Disturbing news is now coming from within the company, Looks like they have changed to a New Sole trading company, called registered as one of those virtual mail forwarding offices in Potters Bar London. Obviously this is to outwit the number of government bodies looking at rebands practices. What this means is that staff are no longer protected against his systematic failure to pay wages. Head for the hills before you get a new contract or at least retain your old one and go online now and fill in an ET1 form. Dont sit there thinking you will be the one who gets paid, you would be the first if that happened. Dont bank on the Barclaycard money or the money from the backend, its a false promise. ASK ANYONE HO HAS EVER WORKED THERE AND I MEAN ANYONE.

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