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Reaslty Trade / not returning upfront fees as promised by Ron Gallaher if we rejected the contracts to be signed as non acceptable.

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Phone: 9704499755

Tim Harrison.

I talkedt to Ron Gallaher about three weeks ago. He told me of the timeshare sales, and the guarantee of returning the money paid after the time of the listing contract expired. I paid $895 via credit card, and was told that contracts would be forwarded. My Husband Wayne was highly upset, and contacted Ron to cancel this transaction. Ron showed Wayne the guarantee showed online, and told Wayne that the contracts were being forwarded, and if we were not satisfied with terms in contract, that RealtyTrade would send back the funds immediately.

We both reviewed the contracts, we agreed that there were problems with said contract and we were not interesting in signing nor participating with RealtyTrade. We sent notice of not agreeing with the contract, and we would not sign and return. The notices stated we expected the promptly return of the $895 paid, but did not receive a reply nor the funds. Since that time, over the last two weeks Both my husband and I have made repeated phone calls, and were only permitted to leave messages on the voice mail. We have sent several emails, which have been ignored as well. Wayne sent a ticket to RealtyTrade via its website, and we received a reply that we would be contacted promptly by Company representative, and the ticket was marked closed. Why closed? the contact was not made, and the $895 was not returned.

Mr Harrison, I sincerely hope tht this is simply some technical problem which has caused this delay, but I expect you or a competent representive to give us the message that the money has been returned.

Please think about our current view of your non replying to our messages and emails as what a picture of your organization is being created by the lack of your communication by this time.
My husband and I have been in business for many years, and we know contract law as well. I could simply go on beyond this to BBB, The General Attorney's office in Florida, and it would both cost me time possibly additional money, and would leave me with a very ugly taste in my mouth. I could get their help in either receiving the money returned, or it wouldsimply leave another scar on your reputation.
But instead, we are also familiar with the internet, and organizations such as RCI and their competition that send out updates to their members which is in the many millions of timeshare owners.

My question is has business been good?, and would you like to continue that way? I am an intelligent adult, and I am sure you and the owners of Realty Trade are adult and fairly intelligent as well. Now is the time for your action.

I expect to see the funds of ($895.00 ) returned to my account by Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2009 or Our writting carreers' will kick into action sent to time Share organizations and owners Globally.

To avoid further confrontation and send a pleasant and good reaction to us and a satisfaction report to (scam )which will go a long way for your comapny as a satisfied client whom decided not to continue with your services.

For more of a sanitary operation, with a transparantcy and attracting appearances to TS owners, contract them on produced work that you provide instead of insisting upon this phone payment upfront. Reputable operations never ask for money upfront, thus the word of commission, as well as salesmen!

The clock is now ticking, please present me or my husband the news that we can expect the refund by tuesday., and visually be able to see it in the online banking the next day.

Nancy Beeman

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  • Mi
      21st of Feb, 2009
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    You claim to be an intelligent adult and an experienced internet user, yet you post YOUR name, address and phone number on a public site (where the company information is supposed to go)?!
    You are likely going to be scammed even more/become a victim of identity theft from this.
    Just a warning to others out there DO NOT PUT PERSONAL INFO ON A PUBLIC WEBSITE!

    Also, I really doubt that Mr. Harrison is reading this as it is not his company's website.

    Jeesh, people are stupid.

  • Co
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    This comment is to declare a satisfactory out come for dealing with Realty Trade timeshare resales. I talked with Ron Gallaher who talked me into sending $895 to have the timeshare we wanted to sale listed. My husband said no and waited to see the contract that they sent for signing. We did not like the wording, and requested our money back. several weeks transpired, I wrote several letters, and made repeated phone calls to a answering machine, and talked to voice mail boxes. With no replys, we made a complaint within this blog. The Happy news is that we finally connected with someone on the phone, and were directed to Ron Galleher and he arranged to send the money back in full, and went through with the refund. I formally apologize for junping the start, and placing a complaint within this site. I have seen several other complaints regarding the practices of refunds with RealtyTrade, but as of now, I have a bit more respect for their company.


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