Realty Trade.comrefusal to return my 895,00 deposit


after working with this company for 11 months I knew that they could not sell or rent my tikmeshare as they had promised. I received one inquiry about the purchase thata listed only the e mail address and a 'reange of 9, 000' I answered the E mail within three hours
detailing the virtues of my propoerty, and received no response. 6 months later I received a request to rent my property and I responded immediately and received no response. Over the 11 month period I made numerous phone calls to their reps and I reduced the sales price 4 times starting from l6.6K and closing at 6, 000. -
When I requested my deposit returned I was informed that they would not comply as they had sent me 2 offers. I know contract law and I know about what constitutes an offer. This company uses a bogus e mail address that will not respond and calls this an offer from an interested individual who 'changed his mind'. I see that there are numerous complaints with this company aabout the same thing and I will join a class action complaint with the attorney General if I can't get this resolved = I am max warren at [protected]

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