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M Review updated:

10/08 - I signed an agreement with Linday Walker at RealtyTrade for $995 before doing my homework, so my bad! I now find that my other people were ripped off like I was. Lindsay promised that my timeshare would be advertised and that I would receive 'Qualified' leads. she also PROMISED that they would sell my time share of I would get a FULL REFUND if my property was not sold after 6 months. I paid the $995 in October 08, I never received a qualified offer and have been getting the run around from the owner/manager Tim Harrison since April 09. Tim has promised to call me to resolve the issue several times leaving me to wait for his call for 4 weeks at a time. Tim finally called me and said that as a courtesy they would refund $100 but that was all they would do.

I am determined to let everyone know how deceiptful this company is and how many people they have ripped off. I will continue to write on complaint boards and will be starting a blog to alert others and have this company brought to justice.

I did promise Tim Harrison that if they resolved my issue I would withdraw my complaints and will make sure others know that they are a reasonable company to do business with.

stay tuned...


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      Nov 03, 2009

    I just wondered how this ended up. They are trying to sign me up now but this research has me stopped me cold.

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