realtorshidding keys

I have been trying to buy a house for a while. What I have notice is that everytime I try to see a house the key is never in the black box, or the realtor makes excuses stating she/he can not open the black box and someone has to fix it. I drive by the house several hours later and the house is being show to someone else... This keeps happening not only to me but to others. This is illegal and it keeps happening..
Also My sister found a home and it was listed something like 59, 000. she agreed and sobmited offer. She PAID for INSPECTION AND APPRAISAL.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Kissimmee, FLThe appraisal came back that the house was worth 45, 000. She had to RESUBMIT OFFER FOR THAT AMOUNT. She already waisted all the other monies for inspection and appraisal and faxes and other stuff. Then the bank denies it...Usually its because someone buys it cash. This keeps happening as well. I think the banks or realtors have a contract with the apprasal office and inspectors. I feel they keep milking money from people. A little scam.
Please investigate these people. They have a very lucrative, sneaky scam going on. And they are GETTING AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE THEY CAN...

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