Realrealtysolutions.comRealtor scam

J I recieved this email and it all sounded good. How I can make money as a realtor helping people in short sales. I contacted the company and unfortunately paid them 5k for this teaching and marketing they would do. It all sounded to good to be true ( which should of been my first tip off). After signing up and having problems contacting them they started their so called training- what a joke- Jay sounded like a 18 year old kid. They assured me that they have been in business for 7 years- it looks like it on the BBB until you actually do a search of their business name. They have been in business for a year. I approached them with my concearns and asked for a refund. They told me their was no refund policy and I was out of luck. They now refuse to talk to me or take my calls. If anybody else has done business with them and have been ripped off like me please respond maybe we can get a class action lawsuit together. Here is a copy of the original email.

Hi, my name is Jay Yadon and I am writing you because my company is looking for an office to partner up with who is interested in selling pre-foreclosure properties in and around Atlanta. As you are probably aware, we are on the front-end of the biggest foreclosure boom in American history. What many agents don't realize is that the lenders will actually pay them their commission if they help sell these properties before the auction date. They even allow you to sell it under market value which helps to easily attract multiple buyers (even in an extremely soft market like we are currently experiencing). My company, Real Realty Solutions, actually helps agents such as yourself find these properties, acquire the listings, negotiate with the lenders and ultimately get them sold. We are about to kick off a multi-faceted national marketing campaign geared towards homeowners who are missing mortgage payments and we need to find an office/agents in Atlanta we can educate on this process so that they can help by listing these properties and ultimately getting them sold. There is obviously a charge for our services, however, if you can help us facilitate a brief phone discussion with the managing broker in your office by letting them know what it is we are looking for, we will allow you to personally participate in our training classes and benefit from our marketing efforts free of charge if your broker decides to partner with our company (just have him mention that he heard about us from you).

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