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2 January 2017
I need assistance

Realnet Estate is refusing to pay my rental fee for January On the 2nd of January the agent called me that they had found someone to rent my house from January to December, and I told them I need till the 5th to move out, after moving out I gave them my house keys on the 5th, the agent committed to pay full rental fee for January, but things didn’t not go well with the tenant as he withdrew around the 8th, but still the agent committed that they will find someone and pay full amount, they found someone else who wanted to move in and was willing to pay a full amount for January, but on the 25th the tenant couldn’t move in due to she had pets and were not allowed in our estate, she withdrew from the agreement, on the 26th it was decided that I won’t be receiving rental amount due to the tenant had withdrew, they will find someone for February, still they were going to advertise my unit hoping they will find a tenant, on the 27th I went and took my house keys and gave another agent, and he found a tenant for February on the same day, as pe r agreement I had with realnet estate, I requested them to pay for the month of January, I asked owner, she refused to pay out, said they did not collect any money from a tenant so they cannot pay me out, but they had my keys and my house for the whole month, we had an agreement, I have nothing to do with them and a tenant, whether they find one or not, I have an agreement with them and I expected rental fee from them

Please assist, I have nowhere else to go, my bond is not paid for January, I was relying on the rental fee

The worst thing is that I have reported this matter to realnet properties head office in Ferie Glen, they couldn’t help me

I'm requesting the agent to pay my rental for January

Feb 03, 2017

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