I had a membership with for three months which I submitted my personal and credit card information to.

After three months and paying the membership fees, I cancelled my membership. The very next day there was a charge on my credit card for $44.95 by

I called their number and they said they were an affiliate of and that I had signed up for their services. They even read back to me all my personal information. I know for fact I didn't. I print out every single thing I register and/or sign-up for and keep them in my records. I never even received 1 email from them. They said they had sent me seven emails.

I contacted and submitted my complaint to the Better Business Buruea. Realestatepromoter responded to the complaint by saying it was pop-up on I do remember pop-ups on the website, but never signed up with them or gave them any of my information.

All in all, don't use or The latter must sell off your personal and financial information to the former. If you care to see the complaint and response from the fraudulent company feel free to at

case id: [protected]
password: xz9e24

What a bunch of crooks.

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