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Emil Babadjov, who was a founder and shareholder at LeadSecure, was released from the company three months after its incorporation, which was in December 2014. Emil always found excuses not to perform any work and for those three months he actually worked less than a fifth of the time. After being released, he demanded to be paid a compensation for being a shareholder. When he did not receive such, he logged into the company's hosting website, blocking the domain, emails, changing passwords and thus causing big damage to the company and the employees. Emil's LinkedIn profile seems great, but in fact most of it is based on bits of employment here and there. Emil is not only highly unprofessional in every way, but he is also untruthful and utterly unreliable.

May 27, 2015
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  • Em
      19th of Aug, 2015

    The comment was made by a disgruntled associate of leadsecure who had no other outlet for their anger than resulting to childish name calling in essence making unfounded claims which they cannot support and doing so anonymously in order to avoid a slander charge. While it is true Emil has separated from Leadsecure(LinkedIn profile shows this now, was merely outdated ) the rest of the information is false. In addition to founding the company, Emil also funded it with $80 000 of his personal capital after much pressure from the other founders who threatened leveraging him out of the company. When he began to differ in vision from the other founders he attempted to work out the diffrences, but it didnt hapoeb. Emil finally decided that he would leave once he was informed the other founders expected him to find other fulltime emoloyment and work on Leadsecure during the working hours of his new employer. This was despite still having over $20k in the bank from Emil's personal investment(he was the only operational founder to put in money at the time). During his last weeks at the company, his presence greatly decreased as he focused on new ventures. he seperated from the company cleanly through a stock buyback performed by the company at which point the other founders finally contributed financially. Even with the stock buyback, Emil is at a loss of around $50000 which he finds perfectly aacceptable and takes as part of the risk of being a founder. Even though he was pressured into investing he pulled the trigger on it and accepts the consequences as a lesson learned. Emil never threatened or took over leadsecure property. There nay have Been heated debate about the buyback with some employees against the idea due to limited funds in the company and their positions being put in jeopardy, but nothing malicious ever occurred. leadsecure and Emil have no further association and any acts to discredit his name are the result of jealous associates who were angry that he was bought out as they were greedy and wanted compensation themselves. Additionally this was most likely the action of a Bulgarian based employee who obviously does not know what the situation is or the legal ramifications he may be putting his employer in due to agreements signed by all founders in the separation. It is also evident that as this slanderer grew up behind the iron curtain he does not understand the criminal acts committed by attempting to destroy ones character with unfounded claims. He is lucky that Emil is kind hearted and pities him for the oppression suffered first under a communist regime and then living under a corrupt Mafia controlled government. One day they will see the err of their ways and understand that jealousy only will damage them. For these reasons Emil is forgiving of this transgression, but he will pursue future ones with full vigor, holding the US based assets of the company liable for their employees actions.

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