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We recently signed up for Realtytrak and cancelled our service within 2 months. I logged into my account to cancel the service and completed the cancellation process as instructed. Unfortunatley, I didn't save the cancellation authorization e-mail because monthly charge appeared on my credit card statement a month later. When I contacted Realty Trac, they instructed me that they wouldn't be able to trace the problem without a confirmation number and they instruced me to cancel the service again - after they collected another month in fees. To top it off, RealtyTrac gave my credit card number to Real Estate Promoter without my authorization.

The Repromo company posted a 44.95 charge to my card for some service that I don't know about. I'm on hold now with my credit card company to dispute the charges.


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  • Mi
      Feb 25, 2009

    From what I have discovered, Real Estate Promoter had an offer linked to When you sign up for the 'free Trial' at you may be unwillingly signing up for Real Estate Promoter as well.

    I had no idea. The 'illeged' emails from Real Estate Promoter go directly into SPAM so you will never see any of them. You will never know about this until it hits your bank account and then it's TOO LATE.

    They WILL NOT SHOW ME PROOF that I signed up for this. They merely send me an offer web page which states a $39.95 monthly charge which still does not explain my $49.95 CHARGE!!! I was told by Alecia that the copy she sent me must be old and she could not get me one that said $49.95 on it!!! REALLY!!!

    I was also told that they have fulfilled their obligation by setting up a website for me so they WILL NOT REFUND my $49.95.

    The Manager DAVE ROGERS is always in a meeting or unavailable!!! REALLY!!

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  • Pi
      Feb 26, 2009

    Same story... See mine:

    A PRO from RealEstatePromoter is in that thread. You might want to address your grievances in the thread.

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  • Ju
      Jun 06, 2009

    I signed up for's free trial and liked the website so I kept my account active for a couple months. I ended up closing on a house (not one that I found on their site) and canceled my subscription with Realty Trac. Every month since then I have been charged $49.95 by Real Estate Promoter. These charges were NOT authorized.

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  • Pl
      Jun 27, 2009

    As with all of the previous posts, I subscribed to Realty Trac and ended up being charged for Real Estate Promoter (and received no services, of course) at 39.95 and then 49.95 a month.

    I disputed charges to Capital ONe and the company and they were reversed. Then, 6 months later, the charges started showing up again. This is clearly a fraud. The 800# operator cheerfully reverses the charges and doesn't even try to argue that this was a service that I ordered. Clearly a fraud in which they hope consumers don't scrutinize their credit card bills.

    I am reporting to my local DA's office of consumer fraud and will try to get Capital One to investigate as well. Have also made a complaint on BBB site the first time around - still unresolved.

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  •   Aug 04, 2009

    As a representative of Real Estate Promoter, I want to inform you of what takes place with our online trial offer and respond to Justin's complaint.

    Real Estate Promoter is partnered with several companies. When a client signs up for a free trial with one of those companies, before they finish registering they are presented with our offer for a free trial of our Real Estate Promoter Investor Business Center. All terms and conditions are clearly stated on the opt-in page. The client then has the option of clicking “Yes, continue” to accept the offer or “No thanks” to decline it. They are then emailed a confirmation of their new order with their new Investor Business Center information. The client can then use the website free of charge for a specified period of time, after which they will be charged a monthly fee to continue using the site. These terms are clearly stated on the opt-in page. If the client contacts our support department within the free-trial period to cancel their account, their account is closed without charge.

    If you, like Justin, signed up for our free trial but then find you don’t want it after the free-trial period ends, please call us and we will work with you to help you get your money back and avoid future charges. Our customer-service representatives are helpful, friendly and quite understanding. We always do our best to help our customers and we promise to treat you fairly and kindly throughout the refund process.

    Please contact Real Estate Promoter’s support department with the following contact information to work out a solution today. We are confident you will feel satisfied with your experience speaking with us.

    Real Estate Promoter Support Department

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  • Dl
      Aug 25, 2009

    I too was lured into this scam using Realty Trac. Like the rest of you, I received a charge on my bank statement from Real Estate Promoter listed as 1323 Research Way 1-800-705-5325 (I had to call this number to find out the name of the company was Real Estate Promoter via a recording). Good luck reaching anyone at this number. I went to the Real Estate Promoter web site and called the customer service number to get this resolved and cancell the subscription. You are pretty much stuck until you do this. I received a confirmation e-mail from them stating this account was cancelled. My bank is well aware of the situation and will be vigiliant watching this organization.

    The idea behind the scheme-- you will not notice the charges until it is too late, and you will not take the time to fight the charges. Imagine how many people have been scamed this way.

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  • Fr
      Sep 14, 2009

    I was ripped of as well!! This is a BIG SCAM - watch out - 5 months at $59.95 per month rip off!!!

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  • Fr
      Sep 14, 2009

    Per the note from the Real Estate Promotoer Representative above, I called their customer service and it is a JOKE!!! They did not know what they were billing me for. What web site. Why I was getting billed. Why my cancellation did not go through, any of it. They just said to fill out the form. My VISA customer service agent said she was weary from dealing with customer complaints from people who were ripped off by REALTY TRAC - which thens bills you through other companies and other web sites. They use the most sophisticated techniques to rip you off, including the kind of response above that makes it appear that they are a legitimate business.

    MAJOR RIP OFF organization - perfectly designed to use fine print trickery to steal money. WATCH OUT!!

    He feels confident that I would be satisfied!!! How odd.

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