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Real Canadian Superstore / injury, management and safety response plan.

1 Edmonton (1270), Alberta, Canada

I Natasha Martin am a regular customer at your 12350 137 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta location and have been for years.

On a Tuesday, December 26, 2017 around 3:30pm I went into the store to do some shopping. As I grabbed some items from produce and went down the middle isle heading towards the dairy section being able to see all down the left and right aisles . I was about half way down towards the dairy section and I fell to the ground. My basket hit the ground as did I smashing my knee on the hard floor. No employees seen me as I could tell and no one shopping asked if I was ok . I sat there for a few seconds reaching for items that fell out before getting up. I did not notice anything spilled as I was not looking on the floor but rather ahead of me in the near distance. As I pulled myself up, my knee did hurt a little so I just proceeded slow . I would put my basket down to exclude some weight having to carry it around. I got my jug of milk and two bags of frozen fruit and proceeded to the check out.

After checking out I proceeded to walk out the exit door with your customer service desk to my right . As I was walking I felt a slip come on under me and I flew . My bags flew in front of me smashing the ground as did I . I was beyond shocked . I hit my right knee again for the second time and seemed to have injured my left ankle as well. I could not get up immediately . I heard a women ask me if I was ok, with the shock I was in it took me a minute to realize what she was saying to me as I sat there in pain. I told her I did not want to move right away and to give me a few minutes. Then I heard a women from customer service speak to me and asked if I was ok . I replied that I needed a min and I was hurt she came over and helped me up . I stood there in pain and she asked if I wanted a chair I replied yes please I'm in some pain. We noticed my milk jug exploded and so did my beets making a huge mess on the floor. She said have a seat and they would contact management and the cleaning department. When the manager came he said he was the loss prevention manager and asked if I was ok and if I hit my head . I replied I'm hurt my left ankle and right knee. I explained to him what happen and have my info . I was zoning out from being in shock .He asked a employee to gather my broken stuff into new items . He said he would help me to my car and I said thank you . He then asked the other employee if she would take me and they both try to put the carry out on one and other . Her asking him if Was going to help me, him asking hee to help me . Finally she agreed and help bring my stuff to my car . He gave me a cart to hold myself up and limp to my car .

I was not offered first aid from a first aider or an ambulance. I am a first aider myself and I know my injuries should of been assessed. No one looked at my knee nor ankle or asked any question about history, medications. There was no visual inspection for me being in shock which I clearly was sweating, zoning out and increased breathing. As providing adequate response to an injury I do not feel I was served to the initial requirement and or by the correct managerial response.

In regards to leaving he did mention that the general manager would be fully aware of this incident and would contact me directly immediately the following business day . I went home and kept both legs elevated with ice on my right knee and on my left ankle . As time passed the pain due to my injuries increased and I got my roommate to take me into emergency at Royal Alex Hospital . I waited to be assessed for a few hours . I seen a doctor and was instructed to go for x rays for my right knee and left ankle . After my x rays a doctor looked over the results and thank god I did not have any broken bones . I incurred a sprain to my left ankle and a badly bruised right knee. I got home at 2:00am and into bed after being wrapped up in a bandage from the nurse on duty given some medication for pain and a set of crutches.

The next day I woke up a little late being out so late at emerge at Royal Alex Hospital. I listen to doctors orders stayed in bed with my foot elevated, soak in ice cold baths then covered in a heating pad . Using crutches when mobilsing myself but staying in. Taking anti inflammatory pills to ease the pain.

In regards to the general manager contacting me I did not have any calls and it was almost the end of business day . I decided to call and see what the update was or if they had forgotten about me . I called Wednesday, December 27, 2017 at 2:50 pm and spoke with Shantell the general manager she informed me she was not aware of what had taken place at all and it was a surprise in fact because she was getting back from Christmas break. As per your store you are open all days except Christmas. Again incidents in your store should be look upon as a priority no matter what day of the year it is . Not to mention this was on December 26, 2017 not Christmas Eve . As I told her what happen she states it sounded like I had a bad day insisting blame. I replied I always shop at your location and I'm not one to be clumsy or fall. It felt as if she was somewhat finding this entertaining asking me how could someone fall twice ? This was very frustrating as I am bed ridden for the remainder of my Christmas break and I do not have anyone who seems to care in your store in managment about this entire incident. She mentioned to me that a paperwork would have to be filled it and sent into the Risk department for further investigation . She did not offer to follow up with me days later as I feel a caring general manager should as someone was just injured in her store location. She did however say that she could request a call back for me from the Risk Department . If I did not hear anything from them within a week I could call her again. She asked if anything else she could do I replied I guess I have to wait . That was the end of conversation . I was quiet blown away personally.

I cannot even describe the lack of managment here in this location or how I've been treated . Let alone the safety response plan set in place for customers when fall and or slips happen. I am enrolled in the Women Building Futures in the Journey Women Start Program #77 and this is not ideal in terms of future plans. I am on break until January 2, 2018 until then I am bed ridden not able to move without crutches. I am not even sure I can participate in class because we are starting our hands on classes aka workshops with tools and ect when I return. Safety requirements are ready, capable and able to work . Not to mention our morning fitness class. I am hoping I will be ok in the following week. I am not sure what this outcome will be but this is literally so horrible my schooling may be affected . I am hoping his doesn't affect me negatively in terms of my future in being a graduate from my course. If it does how will I support myself and what employment can I seek ? All I can do in sit here and pray my future is not demolished.

I cannot describe how emotionally upset I am with the outcome of this whole situation. As a regular customer I feel as if the management neglected the fact an injury took place in their store and did not see it as a high priority . In my opinion your customers safety should be number one priority . The fact not one first aider assessed me abosutley in called for .

I am writing this complaint in hopes someone who reads this actually cares and makes a point to contact me in regards to what happen in your store. I was injured in your store and I feel some awareness and acknowledgment would be appreciated . A look into how managment deals with customers who have been injured and a re valuation on your safety response plan would be most beneficial to your customers well being . I would also like to see what you would think fair in terms of compensation being injured in your store, the lack of managment and safety response plan.

You can reach me directly by phone at [protected], thank you .

Yours kindly,

Natasha Martin

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Dec 27, 2017

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