Real Canadian Superstore, Greenwood NS / meat department personnel

I was there today, 07 Jun 2018 at 5:05pm and went to buy a Cooks Ham that was on sale. The only ham there was one that's package was broken and the ham had started turn a grayish colour. So I went to ask if they had more and I was told by a different employee that asked the Meat Department, that there could be more tomorrow. I went to get the ham so they could take it off of the cooler shelf and I got to talk to the right person in the meat department. I showed him the packaging and he said he would give it to me at half price if I wanted to take it home and cook it tonight. Disgusting to think I would eat that, or anyone would. It is fully cooked, in the package but yuck. I told him no, I wanted another one and asked "if there are going to be some here tomorrow?" He said "There are lots outback but I'm the only one here so there will be some tomorrow." I said "What, I was told by someone through you that there maybe some tomorrow and they are outback now!" He didn't offer me one as I was standing there with a ham that was turning gray. He walked away after taking the ham from me and went out back. I couldn't believe that. I worked for Sobeys from when I was 15 till 18 and I did work in the meat department too, at times. I would have never sent a customer off packing with out a product and made sure they had everything done to their satisfaction. Other wise I'd be fired, I guess you can work for Atlantic Superstore in Greenwood, NS and be a terrible employee. Now I have to dive another 15 minuets to go tomorrow morning to see if they have the hams out in the morning (that is one hour total of driving) to get a ham that was there and the Meat Department Personnel that would not give me two minutes to exchange that ham so I could go home and have supper. I am a good loyal customer of Atlantic Superstore we've been going there for at least 24 years and I am frustrated and mad that, that employee treated me like that. I will make sure to tell my friends and family about this, I just can't believe the lack of customer service with employees from here. Also at the prices we pay for food you should be able to get the best personnel going...

Jun 07, 2018

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