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Reading America / Won't allow to cancel a scam!

1 Roswell, GA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888 279 9221, 800 261 8274

I received a call on NOVEMBER 2008 saying that I was selected to get $1000 shopping spree by using this website: but inorder to avail this gift, there's a package requirement of supporting the roswell magazines. (this is the program of the UNITED BENEFITS ADVANTAGE and the company that makes the magazines is READING AMERICA )

The agent went over the details and they recorded my verbal contract of agreeing to the payment of $34.24 every month for 24 months but I could cancel anytime. The number that called me is [protected]. I was being uneasy when i heard that inorder to avail the 1000 dollars gift certificate, i have to support the magazines by paying every month. HOwever, I already gave my debit account information for the agent to file on their records because of the $1000 excitement w/c i regret. It was a stupid thing to do and pls. learn fr. this mistake!

Because I felt this is going to be a trick or scam, I called the same number and talked to the same agent on that same day, about 10 minutes after I hang up the phone. I told him to cancel my account information because I didn't want anything to deal with this anymore and even my parents told me to cancel. THe agent said that it was only a pre-registration and they're not going to charge me anything UNLESS i sign the pre-authorization form w/ my signature authorizing them that I chose the certain magazines to be mailed at my door. Perhaps, he said, its too late to cancel bec. he already processed my information and sent it to the magazines and the pre-authorization has been mailed. So i decided to wait for that pre-authorization packet that he was saying and I thought, if i dont fill it out and mail it backto them, they will think that I don't want any business with them.

When that pre-authorization mail arrived, I DID NOT FILL, SIGN AND MAIL IT BACK TO THEM. This act alone shows that I didn't want anything to do with their business. Meaning, i did not want any magazines to be sent to me. The agent's word was a LIE!!! My debit card was charged twice even though i didn't place an order. They charged me for the month of november and december 2008. The number that the agent told me to call to cancel is [protected] but they directed me to the phone number of the united benefits advantage program which is [protected]. The account manager Ms. PALMER said that the magazines are pre-paid and the company cannot take the loss of so much money. She said that I owe $700 something because it was pre-paid and because of my verbal commitment. I explained to her that it would be absurd to pay that amount when the fact is I didn't place an order on the magazines, I have no job, i didn't get the 1000 gift card and most of all did not get anything from their company.She lowered the money that I owe to $300. She said if i pay this amount, I would not hear anything from their company anymore and They would not file a complaint to the COLLECTION AGENCY. Even the $300 amount, i am not willing to pay and never will. She said, I couldn't do anything about it but pay for it. A few days later after talking to her, i received 2 magazines fr. them without a return address.

I called again the United Benefits Advantage Program number to ask for the return address of the magazine and Palmer said the publication has nothing to do w/ it so she gave me their company's address saying that even i mail it back, there would be no change to what I owe. (By the way, it was useless talking to her since she said she's the account manager, the highest managers of all w/c is stupid! I mean what kind of Manager is she if she can't deal w/ the problem and scam the customers. They have a terrible customer service and business. This business is a total scam! IT's our right as customers to cancel and why, as a manager won't she let a customer cancel? )

Until now, they keep sending magazines. I talked to the post man in our area and he said, to put "refuse" and it will be mailed back to them. Though it doesn't have a return adress, there's a bunch of numbers w/c is like a tracking code fr. their company seems like it. So, i've returned all the magazines to them stating that i refuse, return to sender. I even sent a note saying to stop sending the magazines to this address.

For the month of january 09, since they can't get $ fr. my card anymore, the reading america sent me a credit amount of $780 that I owe. Ridiculous! I will not be able to pay for that and never will. If they turn me in to the collections, GREAT! I will have deal w/ the collections and dispute it. MAybe they will listen that this business is a scam, or training their agents to lie to people just so to get money and what the heck, won't let the customers cancel? TErrible terrible business. By the way, i disputed the charge they made fr. my bank and currently its not resolved. its pending. They better refund !!!

So i was wondering, if there's anyone else out there who has the same problem and how was it solved?

Maybe we should report this company to the business bureau or file a claim or sue them!

Here's another thing, if you'll cancel any business with them, they will directly connect you to MS. PALMER. Its useless talking to her since she wont allow you to cancel. She will give you an amt. to pay w/c is totally ridiculous. She will keep emphasizing that you had a verbal contract to pay $34.24 for 2 yrs (in my case). Even though i demanded that i cancelled on the first day and i din't fill out the pre-authorization form w/c means i didn't select any magazines and i din't authorize for them to charge and send it to my address. She'll say, you have your verbal contract that you agreed. Guys, don't you see, she threatens. She also said that their company will forward my number to other companies (totally absurd ) bec. i won't pay. Now, there's diff. toll free numbers that keeps calling me, i just ignore.

I really don't know how to end this ridiculous business that they have. They won't cancell my subscription unless I pay. Well, I wont and never will pay. IMAGINE HAVING A CREDIT OF $$$780 SOMETHING FOR MAGAZINES THAT YOU NEVER WANTED, NEVER ORDERED. THEY'RE MAKING UR LIFE MISERABLE. Palmer also said, once i pay she'll make sure to send me the $1000 gift card bec. i've gone so much stress w/ the acct. (she's a sweet talker, trying to have empathy but really PLASTIC!) Until now that $1000 wasn't sent to me and they better not bec. i don't want it. I want to cut anybusiness w/ them.

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  • Mi
      11th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    they took monewy out of my checking account with out telling me first

  • Er
      28th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hey Toni,

    I just got off the phone with an Ava from the 800-261-8274 number. Back in November I received a "FREE VACATION, " but never actually got anything. Since I never received anything I never thought anything of it. Turns out, they have been charging me monthly for a discount service they haven't even been providing me. I have called my bank to cancel my card and told them it was a fraudulent charge. This company is made up of crooks! They told me that they will not refund me anything.

    They also have me recorded, agreeing to get a free vacation, but when I called 2 weeks later to cancel everything they're "offering me, " they don't have anything on file of that. This company is the ### of America.

    I am a 21 year old college student without a job, being raped from the bank account from ###.

  • Na
      11th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also im gong through with the magazine service they offered me a free watching and told me i would be billed 68 a year so i so i said okay thats not so bad. Then when i went to use my debit card it was denied im like why i should have cash in their so i go home look get on my comp look at the charge of 68$ then i think oh thier probably just billing me for the year so i don't mind it i let it pass then the next month. Irecive a letter in the mail from america first saying i have an overdraft i iopen it up look at it and come to seee ive been billed 68$ again so since it was too late to call them that night i call the next morning about the magazines some guy answered saying he was the manager im like hey dude u might understand the economy sucks the job i have sucks because im not gettng hours so im like finical problems hes like oh i understand but we already paid the magazine company. hes like s like u made 2 payments so u still owe 900 dollars im like wait wat hes like year if u pay now i can lower it to 536$ im like i cant pay that much hes like well since u agreed to this u have to either pay that much or 68 hes like i can lower it to 29.99 for 28 months im like ya do that i guess. GOD i never recived my watch or anything i wish i never did this ###ing scammers im thinking about canceling my credit card but my parents said the magazine company will come after me oh yea and im 18 thanks magzine people for ###ing up my credit u greedy ###.

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