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Reader's Digest Sweepstakes / I won a $1,000,000.00

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Phone: 602-466-3359

I received a letter I won $1, 000, 000.00. Inside the letter was a check I was to deposit for the fews $5, 228.00. The check was a fake and when I called them back they said they didn't know it was a fake. We have sent a total of $150, 000.00 with the promise that the check was to be delivered over a month straight since September 2008. Last Friday she guaranteed me that the winnings would be there by 5:00 p.m. I had checked out all the numbers that were on the letter. Her name is Ruby Lawson that I have been dealing with and her phone number is [protected]. Another number that I was able to call up until Friday is: [protected] and one other one is [protected]. The [protected] number says the account has been temporarily put on hold. Good bye. The other numbers just say Bye.

All the monies that we have sent have gone to different cities in Canada.

Can you help me?


Cheryl L. Roatch

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  • Jo
      19th of Feb, 2008
    reader'sdigest canada - contest
    United States

    i received a card in my mail saying if is an offical entry with my access code guaranteed channce to win alexus sedan i have to enter before marchh 19 2008 itried but no such contest

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  • Vj
      23rd of May, 2009

    I just got a similar letter today, May 23, 2009. About a joint sweepstakes with Readers Digest and Pepsi Co. Also a check enclosed for $5, 400, and the envelop had a Canadian stamp on it. NOTE, the check has NO ABA routing number as is required on all checks. First clue it is fraudulent!

    I did call them, but no answer. Then I went on-line to check out what I felt was shady. Thanks for the info. If they call me back, I'll tell them just what I think of them preying on innocent people.

    Cheryl, I am so sorry that you lost so much money in this scam. I hope you called authorities to report this, so that they can search out these criminals. Thanks for posting the complaint. It was very useful and may it prevent others from falling for these cons!

    God Bless you and may He restore what has been lost to you.
    V. Jarrett
    Mission Viejo, CA.

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  • Ni
      19th of Jun, 2009

    Hi, i just received a similar letter with a check for the amount of $4, 290.00 and a phone number to call (778)858-3320 and the person to contact was James owen. I spoke with him and he told me to deposit the check on my bank acount and right a way he ask me to pay $2, 935.00 for the insurance fees to receive my winnings, i sent the payment by Western-Union to a person in New York
    "Anthony Goldman", after that he told me i have to pay $1, 040.00 for the processing fees, to the pakcage can be send to me.I made the payment to the same person, then i told me that i will receive my winnings that week on friday, but the package never came i have been calling him and now he sais that the check has a hold because they need to charge me 0.05% of the amount of the check, and he ask me that if i have the amount of $12, 100.00 to acelerate the process.Then i start geting confused and i went to my bank to verify that the check they sent me had founds, and it didn't, so i lost my money. I don't understand how there is people doing all this under the name of a company like Reade's Digest. Thanks Niliay

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  • De
      30th of Jun, 2009

    Thanks for posting your comments. We have received a letter with a check also for over $4, 000.00. The postmark is from Canada also. It has the same phone number as above with a 778 area code. I was very skeptical from the start, but now I know for sure its a scam thanks to you.
    Something does need to be done to stop these people from taking money from innocent people. I am defintely going to pursue avenues to stop them.
    I'm sorry for your losses.

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  • Di
      8th of Jul, 2009

    My mother called me just last night to say I had a letter at her house. I asked her to open it. She told me there was a check for $5, 000 + dollars and the letter said the money was for to cover insurance cost for a $97, 000 + prize I had won in a Reader's Digest Lottery. I haven't seen the check; but, when she said it had a Canadian address, the red flag went up. A prime-time news show (20/20 or 60 Minutes) did a segment on this last year and the letters were coming in from Canada. Also, the "to cover insurance cost" was a dead give away of a scam. If I won a cash prize; like taxes, any fees would be deducted from the proceeds. PLEASE EVERYONE. DON'T GET FOOLED. USE YOUR HEAD AND LOGIC.

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  • Ca
      10th of Jul, 2009

    niliay james owen its still sending lettlers or working for this scam i receive a lettle on 10/06/09

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  • Wa
      17th of Jul, 2009

    Thank You Everyone,

    Today 7/17 i received a check for $3, 065.oo it has a Canada address and i did call the number. I spoke to a real person and he said the exact same thing..."Just deposit the check and when it clears call us back to receive your winnings of 65, ooo. The moral of the story is... If it sounds to good to be true, chances are it is."

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  • Ha
      22nd of Jul, 2009


    My wife left this website on for me, or I never would have thought about it. Someone needs to be thanked.

    I got a CASHIER'S CHECK for 4275.00 dated July 8, 2009 drawn on US bank a week or so ago. The difference in mine is that the directions were from GREENWOOD INTERNATIONAL
    A Law Firm Serving Global Clients
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    I didn't bother to call the number (Canadian) . It does go on to say that it's from Reader's Digest Annual Sweepstakes and the check was to cover expenses. (IT'S HARD TO WIN A SWEEPSTAKES YOU NEVER ENTERED). An earlier write in said his didn't have a routing # on the check, mine had 12. Suppose to have 9. Good comment.
    I can't believe any bank would take the checks they are sending out since all banks key in the bank # and the routing # on every check they take. Sounds like the bank is liable to those unfortunate people.
    Sad but true, it's just a numbers game for these people. Send out a million of these checks through out the United States, maybe 13% decide to go for the scam. If that 13% sends 3500.00 back for the expenses, do the math.
    If this happens to you, the best thing to do is tell people. We also got a call from the (BANK) saying my ATM card was experiencing problems for their system and if I could give them that # they would re-enter the # to eliminate the problem- I called the bank and was told they were aware of the problem. The police dept. also said they were aware of the scam.
    Good luck to you all.


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  • Si
      22nd of Jul, 2009

    What I don't understand is how so many companies could be involved and no charges brought against the people who are doing this...I know that it is a lot of people involved in these types of scams, but I also know that with the banks and major companies whose names, products and services they are either using or defaming, the investigations should be so wide and the penalties so severe that it would not be cost effective for these criminals to continue in these ghastly, harmful and illegal endeavors...I have received this type of scam almost monthly and it is always from different companies but always appears to be genuine...for this reason, I am discontinuing use of the products and services of the banks, insurance companies and other merchants that appear to be involved...a word to the wise is sufficient!!!

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  • Jy
      4th of Aug, 2009

    I just rec'd a call today on my cell phone from an unknown source. I answered thinking it was going to be a call from a health food store. She told me that I won 2.5 million. She said a check would be delivered and it would be stamped verifying it was a good check. I told her it was too good to be true.

    My name had been picked because I was a former Reader Digest's subscriber. At first I thought "Wow, me being picked out of millions of names." I was still very skeptical about the whole thing. She wanted to have $500.00 ready so I could give it to them and then recieve the check for $2.5 million. She kept on telling me that this was the real thing and I shouldn't pass it up.

    I hung up and she called me 4 times after that. I did not answer and the calls stopped.

    I was tempted to recieve the check but something in me kept saying no. I'm glad I did because I googled Readers Digest and found your story.

    Call the better business bureau and report it. Maybe they can do something.

    God Bless!


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  • Al
      20th of Aug, 2009

    I received the same email stating that I won a million dollars with a check inside that was for 5, 439.27. I didn't deposit the check but I called the phone number on the letter. I double checked the account number and the address on the check, the check address was for a dodge car dealership in New York, but the account number was for some prepaid business account. pleasse do not deposit any check in your account from anyone or any business, it just opens up your account to theift.

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  • Ca
      25th of Sep, 2009

    I don't believe how any of you people could fall for this!!! Any legitimate sweepstakes will NEVER ask you for any money, no matter how small the amount!!! I have won many sweepstakes prizes, and they always send you an affidavit to sign before you recieve ANYTHING!!!

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  • Ta
      27th of Sep, 2009

    I play sweepstakes all the time and you need to know what to do when getting a winning letter. First off if you really won anything it would come only by fedex or ups and you need to have a affidaved for taxes. so this should be your number one clue next they always give you a deadline but before you do anything check check check. look up the sweepstakes and if you can't find it do not call the number on the email or letter . Call the number you find on the companies real website . if this is a scam you will always find out doing that or looking up the sweep. You ever need to give out a ss number or need to pay anything to get what you have won except taxes. scams pray on people who act first and think later don't fall for it. It is fine to get excited but then do your homework if it is real great .if it is not br happy that you looked up the information first

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  • Me
      29th of Sep, 2009

    I just received a check today in the mail with Readers Digest stamped all over it...I know it is fradulent and that is why I am here, I just wanted to see and post how many others have received this!!! I was taken before with a check from Canada but I depostited it in my bank and my bank gave me the funds immediately. I have had someone with paperwork coming to my house but neither my husband nor I will answer but I really believe it has to do with the check that I deposited and which my bank gave me immediately and now I am stuck oweing my bank over 4, 500. I agree with the person that stated above why isn't the bank taking responsibility for their action's...Isn't that their specialty to be My BANKER and keep my account safe...I have alway's been skeptical but when I went to my bank and the lady authorized it without a hold why am I responsible...I believe they are the specialist when it comes to banking not I...It just pisses me off of course it has ruined my credit and who knows how long this gentlemen will continue to come to my home and when the bank sent me the letter right on the front it said FRADGULENT how embarrissing...I have lived in the same place for over 12 years and it just took me by suprise that they would put that on the front of an envelope that came from the bank...Again I cannot stress enough that I am taking responsibility for my actions but where does the liablility from the banker that approved the check right away for me come in...Not right...I will get to the bottom of this check I received in the mail today and call and try and get as much information as I can and turn it over to the right person...Im not falling for this crap and if we all stick together we can put a stop to this unneccasary debt in our lives that just causes us to be miserable... Lets all get involved and put them ppl where they belong...all I can say is I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else but of course in this economy we all would love to have winnings like this but if we take a stand we can be the ones that prosperous from this in seeing these ppl put in jail...God Bless to all Melissa

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  • Me
      29th of Sep, 2009

    Well its me again and I called the numbers and got two names which Im sure is fradgulent. Terrence Brown and Elizabeth Simms also the name signed at the bottom is Thonfas Williams with his picture...Im sure who ever this person is would love to know their picture is being used!!! I asked to transfer to him and never got a response...I also asked Elizebeth how she can sleep at night, she told me I shouldnt be asking that but that was after she told me that I needed to deposit my check and then send some fees first...I called back over and over to both ppl and she actually said to me FU x x YOU BIT xx, MY GOSH WHAT LANGUAGE FOR BEING SO PROFESSIONAL AND HONEST...Some one in the area needs to go to the police and put a trace on this so we can prosecute these ppl...Its just wrong...Im going to find out where this address is and call these ppl and let them know their address they pay taxes for is being used for a fraud...maybe they can get to the bottom of it...someone has tooo...will be back Melissa

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  • Du
      2nd of Oct, 2009

    I also received a check and letter from Reader's Digest. The check was for 3, 981.10 to "cover any charges that may be required before you receive your funds." The letter also had the "Reader's Digest" watermark all over it. A picture of a young man at the bottom of the letter beside a signature of Jon Bencher, Prize Disbursement. I opened a savings account at my bank to deposit the "check" into. The bank informed me that the funds would be available on Oct. 13. I called 559-838-0414 to inform Mark Covila that the funds would be available on Oct. 13. He told me to call him back on that date for further instructions. The check is from AIG Annunity Insurance Company (American International Group Inc.) Did I believe this to be "for real"? NO, but I was hoping to be wrong or I would have never opened a separate account just for the check! The lottery is just as bogus as sweepstakes and yet people line up daily to pay out money for a chance to win it big! P.T. Barnum had it right when he said, "A sucker is born every minute!" Am I going to leave the account open until Oct. 13? Sure, why not? Will I be sending any money, absolutely not!! I will send an update on what happens. Oh, by-the-way, I won $265, 069.00 - or so the letter states. I will send updates as this unravels. Patricia S. in Ft Wayne, IN

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  • Je
      2nd of Oct, 2009

    I received a check in the mail today that was postmarked from Canada. The check is for 4, 325 dollars and came with a letter from Universal Marketing Inc. It says all winners were selected from a computer ballot system drawn from Readers Digest, Publishers' Clearing House, Computers Games and Sweepstakes database across North and South America, and this is our International Promotions Program which is conducted monthly. It says i won 135, 000 but i need to cash this check and send it back to them for processing and tax fees and it will be deducted from my winnings. The check has Wamu at the top, Washington Mutual next to the amount, and Citibank near the bottom. Remitter on the check is Rob Willis and i can't make out the signature, but it looks like Thomas w. Ganey.
    The address on the letter in 236 Roosevelt Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10550, The tel. is 1-888-306-2636. It asks me to call and speak to claim agent Pamela Walker at EXT 2 or call 914-663-5204 ext 2 for clarification and instructions. Please not all prize money must be claimed and finalized by Oct 16, 2009.
    I was pretty sure this was a scam and wanted to see what i could find on this subject.

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  • Ia
      2nd of Oct, 2009

    I just received a letterin the mail on today, stating that I have won $152, 000.00 of $15, 000, 000.00. The envelope has a canadian seal and a check for $3907.41 for the insurance and taxes. The canandian stamp and the fact that I should not have to give them anything if I have won the money is what led me to believe that this is a fraud and to go online to see who has been scamed. I did call the numbers (778) 316-1770 and (778) 323-4699 on the letter and spoke with a female named Elzabeth Sims. It sound like she was in an apartment doing dishes. The check was drawn from Wells Fargo Bank & had Nature's Sunshine Products Inc PO Box 19005 Provo, Utah 84605-9005 in the top left had corner of check. The letter also had a scanned photo of Thomas Williams Chief Financial Officer of Reader's Digest. THIS IS A SCAM...ANYTHING COMING OUT CANADA OFFERING MONEY AND ASKING YOU TO SEND THEM MONEY IS A SCAM...PLEASE BEWARE... This is so sad that in times like these that there are people out there that are preying on such innocent people... THEY NEED TO JUST GET A JOB JUST LIKE THE REST OF US. THEY WILL ONE DAY BE CAUGHT!!! Very Disappointed, College Park, GA

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  • Ha
      3rd of Oct, 2009

    I recieved a check today. Thank you for all your posts they really helped. I thought to myself only the us government gives away free money to those that are sitting around waiting for the mail so it must be fake becouse i work hard for my money so why would i recieve any kind of free money. I paid off my cars, i pay monthly for health coverage for my wife and even my kids, i dont ride public transportation nor do i recieve any government assistance, those are the people that would think free money, ok, why not.

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  • Mi
      5th of Oct, 2009

    Just received a check and letter. The letter said readers digest and the check was from Nature's Sunshine Products Inc. Same thing as above, from Canada etc. Thanks to everyone who posted. I wouldn't have sent money but now I've stopped spending my 'winnings' in my head.

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