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Ordered three candles on June 3rd from your magazine of June edition. I figured I couldn't go wrong. I have used your picks before and have been satisfied-very satisfied!

This order I placed with this company was just bad business and Lucky should know what happened to me happened to a lot of people and it is a reflection on your magazine.

What happened is I ordered three candles at $15 and under promotion. Re-Surface used paypal to take my money. That was well over a month ago. At their website now it says they are on vacation. I was disappointed that you crew didn't know they didn't have enough stock to fill its orders. Second, the person in charge is rude. This has been so disappointing since I was using this for a gift for a women's bithday. In fact, the person I was sending the candles to had an ad in your magazine and did wonderfully. So I see the advantage of seeing items in your magazine, it is just now I am hesitatant to buy from your magazine since this has left a terrible taste in my mouth.

Oh, the kicker, they over charge on shipping to make up for the the money the thing they should be making.

Jun. 8, 2009 08:26:05 PDT
Transaction ID: 6GY22672T10414242

Hello karen Iannone,

You sent a payment of $63.00 USD to RE-SURFACE DESIGN LLC ([protected]

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karen Iannone
PO Box 2033
RANCHO SANTA FE, CA [protected]
United States
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Description Unit price Qty Amount
Item#, pattern: vanderbilt $15.00 USD 1 $15.00 USD
Item#, pattern: metropolitan $15.00 USD 1 $15.00 USD
Item#, pattern: wythe $15.00 USD 1 $15.00 USD
Subtotal $45.00 USD
Shipping and handling $18.00 USD
Total $63.00 USD
Payment $63.00 USD
Charge will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *RESURFACE"
Payment sent to [protected]

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What would you do?
I have subscription for Lucky and I intend to keep it. I just don't know if I feel confortable purchasing again.

Sorry but you need to know what you is happening out there. For everyone of me there are 300 that won't write. I believe in justice.

Thank you,

Karen Iannone


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