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RE - Audi A4 1.9 TDi 2001 / Re – Bad after sales service from Lindsay Saker Krugersdorp and Audi SA

1 South Africa

Alta Venter – Dealer Principle
Freddie Mertz - Mastercars Sales Manager
Ephrain Mhlotshane – Sales Person

We bought a second-hand Audi 2001 1.9 TDI on 8 November 2012 from Lindsay Saker – Krugersdorp.
My husband did a thorough check on the car and it was agreed that there were things on the car that need to be fixed before we will be happy to buy the car. We were promised that the car will be in tip top condition when we pick it up and what we required to be fixed, will be done and dusted.
We paid an initial amount on the car to secure the sale and when my husband went to pick up the car we paid the outstanding amount. My husband soon realised that not all the items as agreed were fixed. He insisted that it be fixed and they ppromised to arrange a date for this.
My husband initiated a discussion with Audi SA regarding the outstanding issues on the car. The car was then booked into the workshop for three weeks, where they were willing to provide my husband with a courtesy car for this period.
They admitted that some issues on the car were not fixed and the items will be ordered and a follow-up date will be arranged to book the car into the workshop again.
After numerous follow-ups and calls to the dealership as well as Audi SA, a date was eventually set in April 2013. My husband was nearly in a very serious accident due to failing brakes, which were one of the items to be replaced. They were not willing to provide my husband with a courtesy car this time round, which impacted immensely on our private life and professional life as we only had one car to get around with. My husband works in Woodmead and I work in Midrand, and we both start at 8 o’ clock in the mornings. We have two small children, one in primary and one in nursery school. During this period we were forced to drop the kids off very early in the morning to try and make it to work on time and in the afternoons to pick up the kids on time. We put both our jobs in jeopardy due to this, as my husband had to leave his work earlier than what he was supposed to according to his contract to pick me up on time so that we can try and get the kids on time. Aftercare closes at half past 5 in the afternoons and nursery school at 6 in the afternoons. We were constantly late to pick up the eldest one, which snowballed to the youngest one waiting at the nursery school. The original promised timeframe of 2 days became 10 days during which we had to struggle with only one car. When my husband got his car back, again there were outstanding issues, which they promised will be ordered to be replaced. There were lights on the dashboard that indicated something was not in working order, but they promised to look at this when they get the car in to fix the outstanding issues.
Two weeks ago the car started losing power and again the car was out of order. It is in a private workshop owned by a friend trying to figure out what the problem is. The costs that we will incur from this instance (which is a definite!), Lindsay Saker confirmed will not be for their account. Again we are juggling our lives between work and school with only one car. How can a dealership be so incompetent! How can they not ensure a car is thoroughly checked and fixed before returning it to a client? Why does a client have to numerously take a car back because of unsatisfying service?
On top of this, the personnel from this dealership is extremely unhelpful, almost never available and they almost never return calls when leaving a message. Audi SA has also not been very helpful during this period to assist with this whole process.
Lies, empty promises, discomfort and bad service is all that we experienced since we bought this car on 8 November 2012. Our expectations were exceeded, but in a bad and negative way and not in a good way as it should be with buying from a dealership, surely the service should be of such that people would want to go back or refer to a friend …… I am in awe ……
My question is, how can a Mastercar dealership, with the backing of Audi SA provide such poor service? How can they put themselves out there as a Mastercar dealership that sells second-hand cars and not provide the related service that goes with this?
I agree that the warranty has passed, but if they delivered on what they promised right in the beginning, we wouldn’t have been in this situation. Maybe this was their strategy from the beginning to stall the fixing of the outstanding items so that they don’t need to incur so much expenses on a car they sold to a client? It is unacceptable to think that it takes a dealership more than 6 months to make sure a sold car is 100% as promised as part of the sale? How could they put a second-hand car on their floor which are in such bad condition? Surely a Mastercar dealership should make sure that the car passes important tests and checks before putting it on the floor? I question the reliability and credibility of this dealership and will not trust anything they promise in future if this is the type of service they are proud of delivering.
The most annoying of all of this, is that my children are suffering because of this, their lives are impacted by bad service and non-commitment!
If these issues are not sorted out by the end of business I will be forced to send this letter to Beeld and other newspaper to make this known to the public.

Jun 5, 2013

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