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RCM modular / Beware

1 United States

In short, we received a condemned house, uninhabitable. Not only have we lost our life savings but am now going through bankruptcy. RCM has destroyed our lives...Without writing a novel here it started with the delivery being 6 months late (we had plans to marry on the property but had to make last minute changes). Then someone didn't know how to read a blueprint. There was a 3 foot error in the starting of the construction, this dominoed across the rest of the house. The end result, a bedroom to small to be useful and a master bedroom big enough for a bed (and maybe one nightstand). None of the tiling and counter tops matched what we ordered and there were multiple broken items from delivery. I can't forget to mention the driver backing the first section into a tree, knocking a section of bay windows out of whack, they also forgot to remove the shingles from one end of the house before lifting it with the crane, all the weight on one end imbalanced the section of house and started to form a ^ shape. We tried for 6 months to get it resolved, was willing to be flexible and do what it would take to make it livable. They did make one attempt to fix things but only made things worse. If I could only post pictures here (imagine not having a 2x4 long enough to put in a stud, then taking two pieces of 2x4 and nailing them together with a third piece, this is how they studded a new wall. They also left exposed live wiring hanging out of the walls that were cut into). The house was literally condemned by the inspector! After this we even tried legal action but we still could not get a response from them.


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