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RCI - Velas Vallarta / Scam

1 Mexico

What a scam! Arriving in Mexico for the first time we were approached by a woman promising to get the best deal for a zip line. She proceeded to go through the offers available, when we had it all written up we proceeded to hand over our credit card. Unfortunately, they do not take credit cards; they only take cash and a 90 minute presentation. Paranoid, but thinking since it is in the airport this should be legit. We agreed to meet her in front of our hotel and she would taxi us to the destination. We arrived at the Marina, Velas Vallarta without the woman since she had to meet another family. Uncomfortable again! The property was gorgeous; the 90 minute presentation consisted of six hours and five people rotating around the table. Right after the tour of the property they give you a free breakfast (terrible) then get into the circus ring of multiple reps. from RCI. They ask you to verify paperwork showing drawings of the rooms you are shown, booklets and pages and pages of documents. However, they never once said you were signing for the material in your package. When you pose a question one of the revolving people distract you and bring some other paper work or some sales gimmick. Never answering the questions posed to them. They wear you down until you are exhausted and you sign paperwork having no idea what you are signing. Don't forget they can "move" you into the property; free! They show you a bill that shows it is paid for the property. You owe nothing. They told us that everything was taken care of at the other hotel; we just need to check out, we are “move-in” ready. At the hotel they never received a call, you must surrender you room and id bracelets. Once my family was settled into the 3 bedroom unit, we were worn out from the day. Finally looking at the paperwork, everything is a lie. We were told no deposit, no maintenance fees, and received a credit card charge on the spot! (Can you believe Bank of America is behind this?) We proceeded to ask for management to cancel our policy and return us to our original hotel. First we were told no one was available and to enjoy the stay, they would make it right. The next day we were told we could not cancel the contract; they reduced the amount since we were not aware of the huge deposit. We still wanted to cancel the agreement, but again we were told that was impossible. We tried again and were told again it was impossible to cancel the agreement. The last day of our visit we tried to talk to the hotel manager who was unavailable, but got an assistant. He assured us we could cancel the agreement and be on our way to the airport. He then brought in the RCI representative, again telling us it is impossible to cancel the agreement. After another hour with him he told us we could cancel if we paid for our stay at the resort. We informed him that it was paid for by an RCI representative and we already paid for our vacation through a travel agent in the states. He then told us that we either paid the bill which was far exceeded the original amount that was shown to us. Amazingly, the bill now had additional fees at the bottom totaling almost $8, 000.00 dollars for four nights for four people. He insinuated we pay take the RCI agreement or not be able to leave. It was the worse vacation or lack of vacation. I enjoyed one day with my family away from the resort for our zip line adventure. It cost our family for our original vacation and $31, 000.00 for a four night stay at Velas along with a headache trying to cancel the agreement. We are still trying to cancel the agreement. According to the contract we had five working days to cancel, we tried to cancel verbally and in writing the entire stay. After returning to the States, we went to our local branch of Bank of America and were told we must write a letter to RCI demanding they cancel the membership. The bank manager told us he was unable to put a hold on the credit card. Once we looked through the multiple pages of documents we got the written cancellation sent from the States one day past the five day cancellation even though we made several attempts to cancel while at the property. I could go on in more detail, but this about covers the scam.

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