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FOLKS, no one should ever wire money to They are a big calculated scammer and PM admin does nothing to hold them accountable. All PM admin says is that they have contacted to resolve my issue, but until now, has not resolved my wire issues with them. They even went ahead to close my dispute ticket opened against them, claiming that they haven't received my wire. OK folks, sit tight and hear my story! On the 22nd of Dec. 2015, I wired precisely $15220 USD to to their receiving bank account detail below: Beneficiary name: Mayzus Financial Services Limited Beneficiary Address: 869 High Road, London N12 8QA, United Kingdom Beneficiary Bank: AS LATVIJAS PASTA BANKA Beneficiary Bank SWIFT: LAPBLV2X Beneficiary IBAN: LV09 LAPB [protected] 1 Beneficiary Bank Address: 54 Brivibas street, Riga, LV-1011, Latvia. IMPORTANT! BANK TRANSFER HAS TO BE SENT FROM YOUR OWN BANK ACCOUNT, WITH YOUR OWN NAME. Support email: They use Money Polo to receive all their wires. I placed the order inside PM website (Deposit section) and PM wire deposit system gave me account detail above. I proceeded to my bank and made out the wire to them, after which I emailed the wire slip to their support email above. At first it took several emails which I had to send to him, (he uses an Alias Julia Ying to respnd to emails) before he could confirm he has received my wire slip. Pay attention: I equally wired a sizeable chunk to 2 other exchangers: and same day, they both use same Mayzus Financial Services Limited account info and both credited my PM account accordingly long ago. Now many weeks have passed, and hasn't funded my PM account, he (Alias Julia Ying) is still claiming not to have received my wire. I have been in contact with my bank here in Canada and they have ran a trace on the $15220 USD wire and the confirmation came back showing that indeed my wire has since reached Mayzus Financial Services Limited and consequently credited to the lying ******* (Alias Julia Ying). I have sent the confirmation tracer result document to support and he is still hiding behind the curtain saying he hasn't seen my wire. He made no effort to resolving my problem, he simply said he hasn't seen my wire. I urged him to contact Mayzus Financial Services Limited - Money Polo to confirm my wire with the tracer confirmation ref Number in the document I sent to him from my bank, at that point he signed my out from his website chat window and disappeared. Pay attention, when you email his email, he never replies you until you luckily finds him online and chat with him for a while before he automatically logs you out from his website chat window. Only at this stage will he go to his support email and send you a very shallow reply, always saying the same exact words, "Dear Client, Thank you for your interest in using our service! We still haven't received the funds till now, you'd better to contact with your bank to refund for this transfer. For any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Kind regards". Pay attention to his reply, he will never sign his name nor add any of his contact details at the end of each shallow email. This is a very big sign that someone is lying, scamming and hiding behind the curtain. I have been dealing with a very tactical, calculated and articulated scammer. He chooses his words carefully enough and does nothing to implicate himself in his chats and email responses. I have all the proofs from my bank, they have done a RECALL and nothing came back. TRACER shows money indeed got to him but still he is lying and PM admin is doing nothing to compel on support with Alias - Julia Ying to fund my PM account. Go to his website he has no contact Tel No, No business address, you will be lucky to find him online. I have officially reported him to my bank and to Money Polo. I am still pursuing the case rigorously, not relenting until they fund my PM account. Here is PM account information: Account No: U2148596

Jan 21, 2016

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