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RC SAFRAN / Why You Shouldn't Hire RC Safran

1 Los Angeles, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 828 795 5662

Why You Shouldn't Hire
RC Safran
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Here is my Story
On 10-21-09 RC Safran also known under the business name "Family Affair" provided my wife Lesley Plachta with a quote for doing the décor for Talia's Bat Mitzvah party that was scheduled for May 1 2010. The total package quote was for $3000 of which Lesley paid in full on 10/21/2009. It included the $2000 deposit and $1000 balance you requested with the pre-paid discount for items 1-9. Later in the year, RC Safran met with Lesley a couple of times and requested more money for a few changes and additions. Lesley paid you once $300 and at another time $200 per your request. We do have copies of all the checks involved. This brought the total amount RC Safran received to $3500.
A bit over a week prior to the event RC Safran came to our house and requested a loan from Lesley. Les talked to me about it and we decided that it would be best to give him the loan since we did not want to disrupt the event. I asked Lesley to draft a loan form that RC Safran signed. He then took the $1035 check that Lesley gave him and cashed it. A copy of the loan form is also included in the web site. The agreement (also attached) clearly stated that RC Safran will return the money before May 1st (the date of Talia's Bat Mitzvah). The loan was purely meant to help provide RC Safran with the extra cash he claimed needed to cover expenses related to decoration for Talia’s party. The money was provided to RC Safran with the agreement that he will pay it back before the event.
A couple of days later RC Safran showed up for a last detail meeting with Lesley. He told us that he just finished a big event, but he has not really started the work on Talia's Bat Mitzvah preparations, but all will be OK.
The party date came and you RC Safran not paid it back before the event as you promised. At the event Lesley asked him about the money and he said you will refund it next week. After the event Lesley sent you a couple of emails and called you on the phone numerous times requesting the return of the money. She was nice about it and RC Safran always came up with some excuses and pushed away the return date of your debt. Even this summer I tried to get RC Safran pay the debt in three payments. Needless to say - I got $0 in return.
RC Safran is not doing honest business. He gave us a bid and we paid in full ahead of time and even added per your additional requests. The loan we gave him was to be paid back in full. At another recent event we met friends of ours – Cindy & Ken Marker. We were upset to hear that RC Safran pulled on them a similar situation at their Bat Mitzvah. We also know that RC Safran owed money to Stacy Kolinsky that was never paid back.
I want to tell the world that RC Safran took a loan from us at a vulnerable time and never paid us back. I will start with this web page and if RC Safran will not pay us back I will continue to take him to small claims court. you can view all relevant information under my web site

Roni Plachta
Dec 19 2010

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