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RBC Centura / The Worst Bank I've Ever Encountered

1 301 Fayetteville St Suite 2100Raleigh, NC, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (919) 839-4400

This is THE worst bank I've ever encountered in my 45 years of life.

I signed up with them ONLY because they are a sister bank of RBC in Canada. I am in Canada, but I have a US business presence & I was thinking about moving from my HSBC bank in the US to the RBC Centura bank. I was excited, as there were a couple of things that would make things easier for me when doing my banking.

First all was fine when I called RBC Canada's US division to get information, as moving everything over (credit cards, lines of credit, savings accounts, etc.) isn't an easy task.

I spoke to them for 3 days & probably 3-4 hours in total.

The last girl misinformed me about what kind of business account I could sign up for, so from day one of walking into my local RBC bank & trying to open that business account there was NOTHING but problems with RBC Centura.

Even after waiting over a week to get the right personal account opened it all went downhill from there.

I can't go through every point (there are 27 in total so far & counting).

To be brief, they are very unintelligent over there. Every department gives out misinformation, makes you wait days to open accounts, over charges in fees compared to other banks, gives you the wrong interest rates, doesn't divulge very important information you should know as a consumer, etc.

I opened the account around early to mid September 2010 & was unable to use the online portion of the account b/c they failed to tell me I had to wait for their access code which NEVER came. It took ME, 3-4 weeks to solve their problem for them & get a new access code.

I've since learned that their mail system is terrible & based on me researching other people's complaints, I'm not the only one who hasn't received mail.

At first I didn't document the problems b/c I just thought it was one or two mistakes, but after I started being stressed to no end unable to pay staff, I started to document everything.

I have since moved back to HSBC who if I thought they had issues before, is a wonderful bank. They have NEVER made any of the mistakes I have encountered with RBC Centura.

But now I have a huge problem.

The girl (Tiffany) who opened up my line of credit failed to tell me that:

1. I have to make a min. of a $100 payment every month. Had I known that I wouldn't have opened it. I already transferred money into my RBC Centura line of credit to pay off some of my HSBC credit card months before I even found this out.
2. She also misinformed me (or lied) about the interest rate saying it was 3.25% lower than what the paperwork said when I received it. Had I known what the interest rate was, I wouldn't have opened it b/c it wasn't any lower than my HSBC line of credit.

Even once I FINALLY got the paperwork for the line of credit, nowhere does it mention this min. $100 per month payment we have to make & I just can't afford to do that.

I have tried to call RBC Canada to deal with this entire matter b/c RBC Canada is supposed to be a very good bank here in Canada, but they don't seem to care.

All they do is get the same inept people at RBC Centura in North Carolina to follow up with me & I've already gone to the top. All I do is stress myself out even more dealing with them as none of the problems have been solved.

They don't call you back when they say they will & it's just a complete mess.

It's now December 8, 2010, approximately 3 months after opening the accounts with RBC Centura & at first every day I had to waste my precious time (around 1 hour) dealing with their stupidity.

Now it's down to about once a week, but the disaster is still ongoing. I will NEVER recoup all the lost hours I've spent dealing with these people.

I have called North Carolina Commissioner of Bank & will be talking to them about this.

I called Gail Stevens the assistant for RBC Canada's President, Gordon Nixon, in Toronto, Ontario back in November, & she told me someone in Canada who overseas the US banks would contact me, but they never called me. All they did was have Debbie Batchelor, Manager of Customer Relations - [protected] call me.

Debbie said she would look into the situation ($100 min.) & perhaps lower my interest rate back down to what I was told it would be, but I never heard from her. Then finally one of her staffers who I've spoken to numerous times & is nice, but usually clueless, called me almost 10 days later.

I spent money having my lawyer review their paperwork & again, no mention of the min. payment amount.

I just got off the phone with him screaming b/c they don't care that I was never informed about the $100, they just say it's what their terms are & I need to pay & that's it.

I told them to close my RBC Centura checking account (I'd been waiting until this was all over) & he said he couldn't, but I argued & we'll see if he closes it. I'm not going to pay their service charges every month for something I'm not using.

I will be closing my RBC Canadian bank account as well.

I feel everyone should know what happened so they can avoid all the stress I went through & am STILL going through, not to mention all the man hours I'm losing in my work day.

At first I thought they were just unintelligent & they don't know how to run an office or a bank, but now I'm wondering if they do this all on purpose, because how stupid can so many people be?

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      7th of May, 2011
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    I opened and account in rbc usa for the same reason as you they are a sister bank to Rbc Canada since I live their. Well to tell you the truth I didnt get a chance to even enjoy the money that i deposited in my account that they stole it. fraud. BIG FRAUD> I HATE RBC . They told me that they have answered all my request for explanation on what happened to my bank account and that they sent me the response to what they would do about it by mail. It was sent to canada. We went to the branch to ask them what the letter said. They told me that they were not able to tell me. Even by talking to the manager here. So I HAD to go to canada open the letter to find out that they were refusing all liability for my money being stolen.

    GUess what im suing those ###.they are crooks and they are the most incompetent branch that i have ever enccountered in my whole entire life. I will make noise and invite to join me as i will go to news paper. Make some noise and even File a lawsuit. Please answer to my post if you wish to join me in the proceeding. I dont need neither your money nor your information. Just your story and you being willing to join me or give a breifing of your situation when i get there. Thank you

  • Ep
      7th of May, 2011
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    Just contact me.

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