RB Team / Contractor

1 San Diego, CA, United States

Hired RB Team to gut and remodel two bathrooms. I loved our master bath which was finished just before Xmas. The owner picked up the check and made arrangements to come back just after the New Year. I called when the men didn't show and got no answer. After calling, messaging and emailing and still no response I sent a second email and received a one line "your husband didn't like anything we did and my men don't want to come back. First, we had posted two positive reviews on line (bizapedia and Homeadvisor, if I remember correctly) and second, apart from tipping the men for a job well done, one of them gave us his contact information if we wanted work done in the future. All to say that the owner isn't very professional. No written work order or contract and he didn't have the decency to tell us when he picked up the check for the finished bathroom that he wasn't coming back or wouldnt answer my attempts to find out what was happening. So no, I wouldn't recommend RB Team as they may leave you high and dry.

Jan 12, 2017

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