Ray's BBQ ShackTime and quality of service

April 27, 2017 6:45pm ckk 404.
Sherlean 349699 amount 12.23
There needed to be another staff person there.. as a matter of fact the lady working behind the counter actually had an airport ID that had the name Paul on it --so that may even be an airport security issue. Counter clerk was overwhelmed between register and pickup windo...See Top 10 Worst Companies in Houston, TXmy meal set for five minutes before someone even offer to give it to me and then when I asked for barbecue sauce there was no one in the entire restaurant in the third employee that came from the kitchen to look for it act like I had pissed in there Froot Loops for asking for a condiment -- it's a barbecue restaurant!!! No sauce! food was dry and nearly uneatable I'll never come back to this restaurant

Ray's BBQ Shack

Apr 27, 2017

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