Raymour And Flaniganmattress rip offs

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I orderd a mattress in October of 2009. Took delivery in November, called them in March to complain and never heard back from them. I believe they sent me a cheaper mattress then the one I ordered. Nothing, they will do nothing. Called again three weeks ago since the springs are broken inside and hitting our hip bones. They sent a kid out with a string and a bolt and he proceeded to toss the bolt across our bed. He was gone in three minutes. Heard back from them on Monday and they said our mattress has a tiny small stain on it and we are out of luck. There is no stains on our mattress. We have had a mattress pad 2 inches thick since day one. I told them I will put the mattress in the back of my truck and sit in front of their store and tell everyone what crap they sell. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. Hopefully this will help. Any other suggestions, please let me know.


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      Dec 02, 2010

    I also have had problems with R&F mattress . I purchased a queen size mattress last March 2110 within a few months there was a problem on my side . I was sleeping on the springs By the way I weight 168 lbs . Called R&F they sent out the inspector who spent less than 30 seconds and saw what the problem was. Received a call from the Franklin Mills Store to come in and get a new bed . When my wife and I got there we were told that the mattress is no longer made and need to pick another replacement . Of course they made us pay the difference because which was wrong and should of upgraded the mattress without additional charge to us .Thats proper business practice to
    the customer, but we paid the difference any way that mattress lasted only 7 months . Back to the same store for another mattress same [censor] its no longer made. Spoke to the store manager and guess what they had the same mattress at the warehouse this time they could not shake us down for more money . It was delivered and within 2 DAYS THATS RIGHT 2 DAYS The mattress felt that I was sleeping on the springs . Once again the inspector came out and could not believe what happened he never had to go into the bedroom and could see the defective mattress from a distance what was wrong . It seems that R&F sells defective low end mattress . I don't want to get into how there delivery system is but after reading about the mattress you can form your own conclusion
    ALERT do yourself a favor go elsewere for your furnitue and bedding needs unless you want the same runaround and stress which is not worth it

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      Apr 21, 2011

    "Stay away from" your story is like a recorder of mine! Bought a king in 2004 by 2006 I had 5 different beds in my home all with problems after a few months! I never felt I was getting a NEW mattress always thought I was getting a refurbished or fixed mattress. Ended up going from a king to a gueen and paying the difference and now after just over a year this mattress is sagging! I have to go through this all over again I want my money back and I NEVER want to deal with this company again! There MUST be something we can do to STOP the insanity of this company. I love how they dont have a complaint/review site on there own website!! After reading all the complaints on this site I can see why they are afraid of posting coustmer reviews. Wishing you a good nights sleep.
    Sleepless in Syracuse

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