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1 Orlando, FL, United States

Disabled Person baned from Bay hill Invitational, I am a Disabled Person Who has Been baned From The bay Hill Invitational By G.M. RAY EASLER, Last year March 2008 I went to the Bay hill Invitational and Paid to get a Week Long Pass apx $150.00 in hopes of seeing my Heros, I was singled out and escorted by Police and Bay hill staff apx 10 of them to a trailer in the back and held fo over an Hour, I did nothing wrong i paid to get in, and i dident do any thing any one else wasent doing, I was in a public area and obaying all rules, Yet I was singled out ? and tresspasseed For No reasonThis year im sitting at a friends House and I get a Phone Call From a "RAY" He wouldnt give me his lsat name buy quickly ask if I would be attending Bay Hill this year, I said I wouldent as i was treated so bad Last year, Why would this man be calling me ? to harrass A Disabled person ? I Think So, After the phone call i called to police To report The Phone Call To Make sure there was a Record of this and tryed to contact bay hill to find out why RAY Had called since I wasnt going any way ? well its gotten to the Point i will prob.Be fileing a Report with the Americans With disabilities Act ADA TITLE III, and since I have done No wrong and wasent a danger to any one at any time, I was just A disabled Person Trying to enjoy Golf and Meet Famous people that are my heros, I Feel i have the right to do this, I feel RAY EASLER WAS VERY WRONG AND SHOULD NOT BAN A DISABLED PERSON, IF YOU ARE DISABLED AND HAVE BEEN TREATED BAD BY RAY EASLER PLEASE REPORT HIM THANK YOU, ERIC


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