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raw natural born artists / unethical, greed, poor quality of show (that's what they sell you, an art party)

1 448 s. hill street suite 915 los angeles ca 90013Los Angeles, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (562) 686-4589

Ok. I don't pre-judge anyone or talk bad about things ever. that said, I put a ton of effort into my RAW event, I offered immediate criticisms on the RAW Survey Monkey in hopes that they would address the issues I found so disappointing and discomforting. I don't tell folks to do RAW or not do RAW. I will tell them the Truth and that they can expect, what they get and what they are on the hook for. It may be worth it for some artist to pay 200 clams to get some 'exposure', and if they sell something attendees will buy perhaps they can brake even or make a few bucks. But they at very least should be told upfront that they are responsible for 'selling', pedaling $200 worth of tickets to their friends or paying the whole tab themselves. {that's what I did because I didn't want my friends to pay, I'm an Artist not a sales person} I never got my coveted 'Professional Video Interview' and worse the schlep 'Faux-tographer' they had shooting the event, snapped a dozen photos of my 6' paintings with no mention of Me, , the Artist who created them; worse yet and most unforgivable, and illegal they slapped their (C) opyright Joe Blow Faux-tography across MY Art you'd thing they made the paintings. { this was rectified immediately when the LA RAW heard of it and had the images pulled, so now there's no images of my work.} As Artists we all work hard. I put a ton of work into the RAW event, it was like a 20 hr day.. here's the video I did of exclusive pieces I created to help market the RAW event ~> I am not ranting, I'm over it. These are just the facts how they went down. I felt like an over-educated Artist in a room full of kids who I couldn't even talk Art with. The staff is not Artists they're party planners. {well, now they started showing their stencil work at their own shows} Any how If you win Artist of the year, Great! that is good clout, it may add up to something. For the vast majority it is a pay to play plan. Writers do this too, they hire 'reviewers' and pay for 'book tours' whatever. If it's worth it to you do it. for me and my Art friends it is ALL about the ART! it either comes from the Heart or it isn't worth a ###; and all the pay parties in the world won't make bad Art good. You can bank on that. And look at the money they make off of this awful show. just wrong. you can see from the photos the founder, heidi luerra, is ok with it. (shes far left)

raw natural born artists
raw natural born artists
raw natural born artists

Feb 11, 2014

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