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1 Astoria, United States

I recently purchased a new stove & refrigerator. NYCHA informs their tenants that they DO NOT want anyone other than NYCHA to remove the stove. But when I contacted them to come & remove their stove, they refused. I spoke to a supervisor who then told the maintenance worker to REMOVE the stove. However, he still refused after being told by his supervisor to do so.
After hours of complaining I contacted the BIGGER BOSS who then said ok, Ill have them remove it, LIED & later basically said NO..
Now I am stuck with 2 stoves & no one to remove or install either. SMFH
This is very frustrating & disgusting that NYCHA would do this to their tenants. I am so aggravated with this development. I lived in NYCHA in other boroughs & they will do whatever to make their tenants happy.

Feb 20, 2014

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