Raven Strategic ConsultingNegligent service

On March 3, 2017, I paid some one to send me a document by Xpress post from St. Thomas Ontario to my address at 89 Balliol St, Toronto, ON, costing $13.39. PG [protected] CA When I did not receive it, the sender tracked it. The initial problem occurred because the sender had put a partially incorrect postal code on the envelop, which she had previously used to send mail to me. Canada Post sent the envelop to several post offices. NOT one person checked the postal code against the address, NOR did they use the phone number on the envelop to call me. Why have phone numbers if they are ignored? The return of the envelop to the sender cost me another $13.39. Tracking # [protected]. I want a refund for ineffective, impersonal, lax service. I have 13 pieces of paper from this regrettable issue that I have saved them as a PDF but your system will not accept them.

May 18, 2017

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