Rasoi / Awful experience

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I love Indian Cuisine. I have an Indian neighbor who cooks lovely Indian meals for me on each and every feast they have. I heard about this Indian restaurant in Jersey City and thought to try it out. I had gone there with my friends and they were having the Indian cuisine for the first time. I was treating them there for a scholarship I just got. We went there the service was quite okay but the food, oh my! The food was terrible. My friends looked at me and wondered what I liked about the cuisine. I had to make them understand that this is not how Indian cuisine tastes. When few of them agreed to eat at my neighbors place they got to know what the food is like. Seriously, if you are tasting Indian cuisine for the first time or for that matter the hundredth please do not go to Rasoi there is no way anyone I mean even Indians would like that food.


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