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Prateek M Naik
Prateek Naik also famous in Bangalore for his zx10r sinister is a big sex addict and cheater.he messed up my life n played with me.being in same school n area I Neva talked to him he forcefully sent his number on fb n made me to text my senior I respected him n talked later he started flirting with me n forcefully asked me to meet him started making move on me saying love.i took promise from him asking not cheat or leave me. Later once gained he started to flip out and started dating one of my school friend . Later asking the truth he mentioned about his first love with snehalatha rao from whom he got cheated he was influenced by her she has messed up so many life n has complaint filed on her. To get back to her Prateek has been messing up with girls once he is done he is dumping them.
After her he was with Megha chavan Bhargavi rao parinitha Nagraj Shruthi ashwath and prakruthi simha later he flirted with me after gaining he dumped me to n started to see other girls . Though insisting he said he got cheated he would not do to me n he promised about the future with me. He spoils girls reputation saying they are stalking they forced to love and behind him because he is famous n rich and blackmail if they are ready to take step .

I went through lot of mental torcher and physical hurting suicide attempt. I wanted to make people aware of these kind of people n have raised my voice against the people like this.daily lots of people are getting cheated in the name of love.i need justice from him

Jan 31, 2017

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